Monday, October 29, 2012

ARCHcon 2012 (CosPlay)

I was supposed to "re-CosPlay" as Emily The Strange again, perfectly this time, with the fringe and all, but a friend of mine suddenly chatted me up the day before, asking me to dress up as the Lumpy Space Princess of Adventure Time because she's gonna be Princess Bubblegum and another friend who's comin' will be Marceline The Vampire Queen (I know this should've been me). I couldn't decline since I've already "dressed up as" Emily The Strange this month, and I kind of find it not so exciting or embarrassing to dress up as the same character again (with mostly the same cosplayers attending and all), even though that first try was an epic fail of a CosPlay.
And I KNOW, this Lumpy Space Princess isn't in my list. Well, I just thought that it could be a little fun to CosPlay and hang out with some of my old friends (one of which is an ex-Goth) from elementary, so yeah, I just gave it a try.

Funnily I didn't know who this Lumpy Space Princess was, since I haven't even tried watching this now-popular cartoon series called "Adventure Time". I googled this character right after my friend asked me to CosPlay her, and what I saw was:

I was like, DAFUQ! HOW AM I SUH-PPOSED TO COSPLAY THIS COTTON BALL OF A CREATURE TOMORROW? It looks like gay puke to me -_- Am I gonna be a mascot for tomorrow? NOOOO.

So I googled "Lumpy Space Princess cosplay" and found great, creative stuff.



Now that's better. xD

Problem is, I don't have a lavender wig or a laveder costume, nor do I have spare money for wig or costume rentals.. :/ Oh well, it's fine. I ended up looking like this instead, and it isn't that bad. :3

Left to right: Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, and Marceline The Vampire Queen (my clothes. hahaaha).

Our costumes AREN'T EXACTLY THE SAME as our character's outfit.

The FREE CANDY guy! xD

I didn't prepare my wig the day before because I thought it was still in a fine condition since I fixed it last month D:

My friend who always goes with me to CosPlays came along too! I introduced her to my two friends and they seem to get along pretty well. We're planning to have a group CosPlay as K-ON! next year. And as expected, Princess Bubblegum here wants me to be Mio. :p It's great since Mio Akiyama is in my list! ^w^

take that little girl in the middle, and that would be the corresponding characters each of us will cosplay :3


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