Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Sanity on Fire" Placed Second ♥

 Warning: Contains disturbing content. HAHAHA

MUHEHEHEHEHE >:D Yesh, that's me. HAHAHA
You ever seen a ghost with all this rebonded hair? xDD

Remember my declamation piece, bats? Yes, THAT! 
If you haven't seen the post, click here. 
Here are some UGLY photos of me performing it.

If I WANT this railing, then I WANT IT. Hahaha. I actually HAD to request for this railing to be carried on stage just for the performance! xD What a spoiled bitch xD


This is so horribly demented.

Bats, my performance placed second! ♥
People say my rating was just close to the first placer's. How blissful!

That's me and the first placer.

YEAH! :>
 Thanks to everyone who kept congratulating me! ♥ :'>


  1. I'm gonna do this during our school's intrams.. it's a great piece..can you upload a video of you performing this? pretty please ?

    1. Lol cool! Glad you liked my piece ♥ Actually, many of my friends who watched me perform it onstage took videos of me FROM THEIR PHONE. So yeah, the quality is too crappy to be watched. So I didn't think about uploading any of them.. But I've been thinking of actually putting up a video of me on some random day.. wearing the costume, with all the props.. Just that I haven't got the good camera and enough confidence yet! Hahahaha maybe soooooooon :D

  2. Hey.... Uhmm, there will be an individual declamation speech for our English subject and as a great Alice Madness fan, I stumbled upon his wonderful piece of art~ I really interested me so I would like to ask permission from you if I could use it :3

    Lovelots :*

  3. Hi ! Can i use this piece for my declamation ?

  4. hey.. i just want to tell that my teacher in 9-english used this great piece of yours and all of 65 students in our class need to declame it... and also can i ask? what do you advice props and costume (girl and especially for a boy like me) for this piece?? i hope you reply pls. ^_<


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