Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cebuano Goths, Here I Come!

I've been attending CosPlay events for 2 years now, been Goth -- and isolated -- for more than 3 years (shocked? xD), and just last month, I've finally had 2 Goth friends, and learned from one of them that there are Cebuanos out there who were once Goths yet they "quit because of the rarity of nourishment for the subculture in the country." That Goth friend also told me about Goths in Komikon 2011 passing out secret inviations to Goth-looking people to a music and tea party held in one of the Victorian-inspired houses in Manila. Just recently, I also watched this Wave Gotik Treffen video and got very inspired.

Perhaps, by now, you already know what I'm thinking.

Yes, bats, if not one Goth around here has ever thought of putting up a Goth meetup or event, then I, together with the Filipino Goth friends I've gathered, will organize the first one in Cebu. I mean, if CosPlayers and Otaku's meet up and dress up however they want in CosPlay events, why not put up an event for Goths too? My ideas range from just tranquil tea parties to extravagant fashion shows; from dinners and Victorian picnics to gigs, jams, and parties.

Events like these are very important for the tiny Goth scene in the Philippines. Having them even just annually will surely make the Goth population here grow little by little. Non-Goths will then know that such subculture exists, and will soon not get so freaked out when they meet a guy who's dressed up as one walking down the street. The probability of mistaking us as Emo's or Antichrist's will lower down too. HOPEFULLY!

I'm planning to have it held on one of the Halloweens or World Goth Days to come. For the mean time, me and my Goth friend in school are gonna save up bit by bit for it. I've been brainstorming means and ways to earn money these days. I already got a part-time job, yes, and I'm still gonna put up a business or two soon. My friend's gonna work this summer too.

I pray this'll happen! It's gonna be so much fun! ♥


  1. That's the spirit... XD
    go for gold!!

  2. Hi Minxie! I think your blog is thoughtful, well-written and darkly interesting. I used to find bullying and misinformed ideas about goths (and basically others who belong to an alternative, minority subculture) very distressing, but as you get older, grow much thicker skin, and hang out with open-minded friends, insults will flow over your armor. You might even get in a relationship with a fellow and have Gothic-named children. May your passion for the morbid never fade. Maybe soon we'll see you in EDW.

    - @adunaphel13

    1. Awwwwww, thank you very much! Hope you keep reading! xD
      Yeah, it's really annoying especially when one lives in a country where the scene is really rare and small. But I think soon, I'll get the hang of it, or better yet, erase the situation completely when the subculture grows! :3

      I WILL see you in an EDW in the future. I'll make sure of that! xD

  3. omg im also born and live in cebu! hope you become my friends...


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