Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Year's Over, Summer's On!

This is my 100th blog post. 
[Insert Spongebob meme: NOBODY CARES!] HAHAHAHA

Let me destroy your dashboard with this no-good picture!
Muhehehehe xD

Yoohoo! I haven't posted in over two weeks because of all the stressful work that school bombarded upon me. I mean, believe it or not (believe me anyway), all the school projects have been mercilessly allowing me to sleep by 4 or 5 at dawn, and waking me up at 7:30AM. How cruel is that?

But anyhoo, I survived the walk to Calvary and have finally risen from the grave with brand new shining plans in order to redeem this blog and its followers from boredom. Resurrection has come! (Word referencing brought about by the Holy Week.) Since summer vacation's finally here and I'll be having all the time I want, I might be posting my college chronicles this week, my ever-envisioned DIYs and videos for the next two months, some lists of whimsy, more of my annoying outfit posts, and.. well.. Anything. As always.

As of the moment, I'm bracing myself for the upcoming annual seasonal disaster. I love the free time and the lazy days of summer, but I sure do hate the exaggeration of temperature. Sighs. I just wish I could hibernate the whole season. T.T

Oh well, to sum it up, roll your eyes 'cause I'm baaaaaaack! ♥

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