Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pastel goth?

As time continues to age anything it passes by, bright new things that aren't so acceptable at first suddenly pop up along the way.

I'm not new to all this pastel thingy, in fact I remember I first noticed this way back last year, and I've already followed and liked some Pastel goth blogs and pages. It's just that my sister became too interested and addicted to anything related to it (it all began when I introduced it to her), that I decided to actually write a post about this.

Pastel goth only grew out from Goth fashion, and it isn't even grounded or connected with the music. But nevertheless, they still do have a bit of Goth influences in the way they appear: the prints, the makeup, the boots... just that they're too bright (and they're never even "Goth" at all). Yes, there already has been a colorful offshoot of Goth before them, which is the neon-clad Cybergoths (now slowly being accepted and loved by many in the subculture since it has already existed for more than a decade); and there also had been another new yet controversial fashion style that incorporates grunge, hipster, and Goth which is the Nu Goth; but Pastel goth here combines "kawaii" and "kowaii" (Japanese for cute and scary/creepy) in fashion, which is a new thing altogether. Pastel goth is different from Gothic Lolita in that the former is totally casual, and even more colorful.

Cybergoth [source]
Nu Goth [source]
Gothic Lolita [source]
Pastel goth contrasts pale, feminine shades with dark colors in their outfit. [source]

HOWEVER, despite the term "goth" being tagged in "Pastel goth", I think it has become quite noticeable that most of those who wear such fashion don't really consider themselves as Goths at all (and much more evidently, Goths wouldn't also want to call these 'cute', dolled-up humans as Goths mainly or probably because they don't listen to anything considered as Goth music).

But, additionally, as a Goth, I say there seems to be absolutely nothing wrong with new, Goth-influenced fashion trends, and correcting or hating them would be so pointless since it's pretty obvious that they all are entirely different when it comes to genre, music, and preferences... though it frustrates me since new styles like these kind of confuse the little Goths about if you can be Goth without the music since most of the time, the non-Goths are the ones who wear them.

Pastelbat! I like her [source]

Pastel goth, as I have researched, started from Tumblr in 2010, '11, or '12.
Their look is characterized by pastel-colored or bleached hair; outfits could be comprised of either mainstream-looking pieces that could be printed with upside-down crosses, bats, and/or undesirable quotes, OR Japanese street fashion-inspired clothing; makeup could still look Goth-like, but at times it could also be pastel-themed or anime-ish...

Able to picture it out yet?

Personally, I adore the way it looks sometimes, and one reason is that it gives me everyday outfit ideas. I'm not interested in bleached hair, "cute" wigs, or pastel-colored stuff sticking to my body for a day, but I DO undeniably love how the usual pastel goth outfits look all casual and easy, not to mention somehow less head-turning. I WOULD love to wear Pastel goth clothes with the usual dark hair I have.



  1. I really like all of this styles!

  2. I actually love the Pastel Goth fashion ^-^ Sure I listen to the traditional 80's Post Punk, but nevertheless looking at new fashion is always a plus. Even more when it has Gothic inclined aesthetics. I sometimes even get inspired by it because I love cute things, even more with a morbid twist! :)


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