Thursday, November 29, 2012

How This Blog & I Are Doing

Hiya bats and cats.

This month, I think you've all noticed that I haven't posted as much as I did last October... Well, for that, I'm terribly sorry. So as I did last month, I'm gonna give you guys excuses, but this time to explain my inclemency. Actually I got only two reasons why.

ONE -- I'm sad.

HAHA I was 15 :3
 I've been spacing out quite a lot, and I almost don't eat, sleep, or take a bath during weekends. Yeah, I'm starting to get disgusting, but I promise this won't last long.

TWO -- I got classes and plenty of schoolwork to do.

I've been in school all this time, all right. (ooooooo look at my jet black hair xD)
 My mind currently contains all of my future posts and post ideas.
When I get home, I still have the day's pile of research to work on. Nowadays, I usually retire to my coffin by 11PM or 12, 1, or 2AM, and I still need time to handle the regular auditory hallucinations, which means I could only successfully fall asleep almost an hour after I lie down. Uhhh, to make it short, I kind of find it hard to squeeze in writing drafts these days. :/ Last month, I was able to post a lot mainly because of the SEMESTRAL BREAK.


So yeah. But aside from that though, I won't forget about THANKING EVERYONE FOR VIEWING AND READING MY BLOG! (HURRAY! :D) Kudos for 1, 000++ views! And cheers to my new followers in my "Army of the Undead". ^w^ ♥

Thank you kittens, soooo so much.

By the way FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ANYTIME ON A POST! I've changed the comments settings for everyone -- whether you have an account here or not -- to give their comments if they feel like it.

Keep reading, and DO FOLLOW my blog if you've been visiting it again and again. x'D

For the last time, THANK YOU :3
You actually helped me trample down this annoying depression thingy.


Currently listening to an All About Eve song ♥ :'3

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