Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping For Goth Clothes in the Philippines?

This post will be specially dedicated to those individuals who have an uncanny attraction to the macabre and didn't tell me earlier that they live in Cebu City too.

It's quite impossible to find Goth clothing shops and brands around here since it's also quite impossible to find a person who would be interested to buy from such. So where did I find the wonderfully dark and alternative stuff you can find in my closet?

ONE - Secondhand Clothing Stores (Ukay-Ukay) -- best answer

FACT: If that lovely shirt you found in the department store costs P250.00, the same shirt could cost for only P20.00 in a secondhand clothing store ;) The only difference is that these cheap yet beautiful pieces have already been worn by someone else, sometimes from another country.. wait, what? "Imported" clothes or boots for only P20.00? HAHAHA, no, I'm not kidding. Guess what? With just P500.00 in my pocket, I could buy around 10 - 50 goth clothes and/or shoes already.

Okay so, if you're from another country, I wanna let you know the equivalence of our currency to yours. :D


Cool, right? Here are SOME of the great finds I bought from secondhand stores.



So who said irresistible boots are beyond your wallet's powers? Try buying from nearby ukay-ukay stores now! But before you get so happy and excited, read this post first: Secondhand Clothing Stores: Tips and Reminders

TWO - Online
There are a whole lot of stuff out there. However, they're all kinda pricey. Cosplay shops, for example. They sell great lolita accessories and dresses. Some shops also sell Punk or Rave fashion. Try Sulit and AyosDito. I've seen many handsome pieces in online shops on Facebook as well. Try this: Gothic & Lolita Shops Philippines

THREE - Flea Markets
The Filipino word is tiangge. Familiar yet? Divisoria for instance. My sister's been there and she tells me she saw a lot of stuff that I might like! The thing about the Filipino flea markets is that they usually sell trendy pieces, and trendy pieces may not be what some Goths are looking for. As for me, I buy the black ones and I just combine my DIYed Goth pieces or some stockings or warmers then finish the outfit off with good boots so they still appear gothy. It's all a matter of being creative.

FOUR - Malls
All the Goth stuff aren't in one store, though. Do a lot of strolling, and buy anything interesting you see, that is, if you're actually on a shopping spree. Forever 21 has nice pieces. BUM sometimes sell dark stuff. Mental looks interesting. One can find goth-inspired clothes every now and then in a mall. You'll love everything you'll find there especially because they're of good quality and they're branded. Sadly I'm just a kid. And I don't have money.

Good luck with clothes-hunting! :3


  1. Hi. I am interested. I love your corset and boots. I havent tried buying in ukay ukay before. I am looking for goth outfits kasi this Nov.

    You can message me here


    1. Hi! Sorry for the suuuper late reply. Actually I'm not selling anything, if that's what you're thinking. I'm just giving advice to the Filipinos who wish to buy Goth clothes in the country, considering the absence of Goth stores here. But eitherway, how can I help you? :3

  2. Aw. Misa. Reminded me the time when I first cosplayed.
    I suggest you. Go see some videos on Youtube by Katlovesbatz and Sebastian Columbine.
    I love those two they're really inspiring.

    1. I watch their videos once in a while! I like them too! :D it's nice to know you love them as well.

  3. Nice outfit dear! Love' em all. I'm also into alternative, goth and dark fashion and I got my precious pieces from my "suking ukay-ukay store. This blog is awesome. :)

  4. can you give me any idea what cool to wear for gothic outfit this summer?
    as you can see summer is hotter than this past few days..
    and got any idea where can i find some gothic shop here in philippines?

    u can message me on
    thank you

    1. Hi po! Sorry for the ridiculously late reply. I have recently posted my summer outfits now, and the sad thing is summer's over and they're for girls. I might write a post about summer outfits for goth boys soon! :3

  5. Nice outfit! By the way, maybe you can find gothic items here:

  6. Hello :) I just want u to know that your blog was deadly awesome! It really sucks!!! Thanks for giving us all the possible ideas. Just wanna ask u something... Where can I find the Gothic and Lolita shop here in philippines? Im so eager to go see it. :) Cheers!


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