Saturday, September 22, 2012

Secondhand Clothing Stores: Tips and Reminders

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Since secondhand clothing stores are the best sources of cheap, beautiful Goth clothes, it's best if you know these tips and reminders, especially if you haven't bought from one before.

ONE - When I say "Ukay-ukay", I didn't mean this:

Clothes from stores like these aren't secondhand. Learn the difference. They may sell brand new fashion trends here, but the prices start at 100 or 150. I'm just saying that you can save much much more if you buy from the REAL secondhand stores. Soon, if you keep buying from ukay-ukay stores, you'll learn how they actually look different from stores like these.

TWO - Check it before you buy it.
Is that beautiful, see-through poncho close to being torn to pieces? Is that boot opening its mouth because it's hungry for some super glue? Are you really sure if you're gonna buy that? As for me, though, I take care of the repairs myself so it's pretty okay, but if the thing can't be saved from destruction, I'd rather change my mind.

THREE - Who says haggling won't work here? :p
Try convincing the vendors to lower down the price a little because of that little tear by the edge. They weren't the ones who manufactured all these clothes anyway, so maybe lowering down by P5.00 would work. Just MAYBE.

FOUR - Buy during Super Sales!
Prices lower down like crazy during SUPER SALES! Some stores even go "10 for 100" in some cases. When you see a Super Sale sign board, grab the chance! As I've observed, super sales come only around every after 4-5 months.

FIVE - Wash them thoroughly before wearing.
Who knows? What if the ex-owner of that dress used to have a terrible skin disease and the dress never got washed before it got to the store? And try smelling it. Yeah, I'm sure it needs some washing. Sanitation and hygiene purposes, Gothlings! Don't be too excited to try them on.

SIX - Be patient.
I'm only suggesting this kind of store because of the price ranges. Keep in mind that searching for a Lolita dress is NEVER going to be easy. It's all a matter of luck! And so is finding a corset. Or a netted poncho. Or a lace dress. Or Demonia boots. Or a steampunk top. Or a top hat. No. No. No. The truth is, whenever I'm on a shopping spree, I'd enter more or less 10 of these stores.

SEVEN - Remember it's second-hand.
Be reminded that it's secondhand. The quality may have gone down because it has been used way back then. And almost every time, I eventually find the defect in every piece and finally understand why it ended up being sold in a secondhand store.

Have fun searching for great Goth finds! :3


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