Friday, September 21, 2012

The Sims 3

I know my enthusiasm for The Sims 3 is already quite late. This game was released way back 2009, but it was only this year when we finally had the chance to own a PC with great capacity, and just this week when we successfully installed the game behind Dad's back. Hahaha. So yeah, I've been playing it since yesterday, since there's nothing better to do during my measles-vacation from school, and I've been like totally excited for it last week because I've always been a big fan of The Sims™.

Here are my Sims.

Zaeric Van Grave. (The name's cool, huh? I got it from one of the goth friends I met on facebook! :3)
She's artistic and ambitious, a virtuoso, a bookworm, and a vegetarian. She used to work as a Burial Specialist in the Pleasant Rest Graveyard, but I had her quit the job so she can have music as her career since she's a virtuoso.
..Uhh, I'm gonna post a better picture of her soon..

Zane Van Grave. She's Zaeric's sister. Zane is artistic, ambitious, and friendly, a virtuoso and a green thumb.

HAHAHA, this is Matthew Spooks, Zane's husband. He's childish, ambitious and friendly, a natural cook and a virtuoso. He works in the Bistro.
I'll be posting a better picture of him soon..

That's Matthew being silly! HAHAHA, scaring his wife away.
I brought the three of them to the Pleasant Rest Graveyard during their first day of moving to their house.

The game's really fun! Zaeric and Matthew just got promoted in their jobs, and Zane has been playing her guitar in the park for tips. :D

Try The Sims 3 too! :3

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