Sunday, October 20, 2013

Le me starring in a black metal music video! O_O

All pictures are from Musika Sugbu

October 13, 2013
What I did on No Bra day? Woke up at 6, got ready, and headed to Lahug to meet up with a local black metal band and star in their MV. And no, I did not take off my bra.

I don't listen to black metal because I find it scary and Satanic. I also find corpse paint (a style of black-and-white makeup, used mainly by black metal bands during live concerts and photo shoots) just.. plain horrifying. But when I met the guys from EREHES, my assumptions were completely changed. Corpse paint isn't so scary after all, and these metalheads aren't the evil maniacs I thought they were. Black metalheads aren't necessarily Satanists.

The guys behind me are totally hilarious. And yes, I'm so tan here </3
I mean, guys in corpse paint, clad in black, with all the big metal spikes and gears.. riding on small bikes and braiding grasses? They're one of the coolest people I've ever hung out with on the first meeting! They were extra nice, respectful, and super hilarious! I was scared shitless on my way to our meeting place because I thought I was gonna get sacrificed or something. Hahahahahahahahaha but I wasn't. Instead, I was treated like a princess the whole day. I'll never forget these guys :3

le band members doin their makeup all by themselves :D
IDK but I totally find it cute and funny xD
le me and le director :3

Shootinggggg! Baaaaam!
Diz picture! I got included in CNU's Head Turner for this! Gaaaaaah heeeeeeelp :/ I'm sooo tan T.T
Kuya Ramee edited thissss ♥
These guys are the coolest! \m/

One thing I've learned, no, not learned but re-learned, is that we should never, at all costs, judge anyone. Daaaayum I should never have had assumptions beforehand. Oh well :/

The MV will be released maybe next month, so keep posted! xx ♥

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday the 13th Graveyard Picnic!

The most awaited Pre-Birthday Celebration post sure came in late! Might be presented as something that's best so saved for last, but miserably, my best friend Ian Roy actually sucks at punctuality (I guess I've always mentioned that), he's got the pictures, and it takes him a million reminders to finally get him moving.

September 13, 2013

le graves :'D

So here it is! My graveyard picnic during a day that literally proved to be unlucky as its name implies. Let me segregate the good ones from the bad ones. I'm gonna mention the latter first so this post gets sprinkled with sugar despite its mournful bitterness.

One, Ian Roy failed to bring my spotted tea set, the utensils, and some water. Despite all his reasons and excuses I considered "valid", one fact is clear: he didn't prepare well for the picnic. His unpreparedness became the root of all the trouble. My mind was at a state of unrest the whole time when we were on our way to the memorial park; I felt the itchy need to really buy a new tea set. Hence, we didn't disembark at Celestial Gardens but walked our long, dreary, scorching way to a mall to buy three tea cups and saucers (a whole tea set costs too much) instead. Myself being satisfied, we rode back to the street leading to Celestial Gardens and unconsciously hurried up the long, winding road to the cemetery, only to find out we forgot to buy some water for the tea. O.o Worse, no utensils. And we already made it up the hills and mountains when we realized it.

Two, Celestial Gardens is a private cemetery but it's free for public use. That means, only the family of the owner of the land the cemetery's built on can be buried there. By public use, it means anyone can visit the memorial park, have picnics, or hold religious activities. BUT, pictorials and photo shoots are absolutely not permitted. Yeah, you got that right, not much pictures during that day </3 We were actually reprimanded by this annoying stranger that got suspicious upon seeing our Goth attires. He thought we were all dressed up for a photo shoot.

So yeah, that was it. Nevertheless, our resourcefulness made us survive somehow.

Preparin :3

Lezz do dat duck face :D
*phone camera quality </3*

Anyhoo, at least we finally experienced having tea and eating some sweets at a cemetery. The cake was all good, we found ourselves even more than stuffed. The tea was sweet, the bavarian donuts were delectable, and the way down the hills was very dark and magical. Not a single light post was standing along the long road down. The moon was new, the sky was dark. The trees were but silhouettes against the phosphorescent night sky, the breeze ghoulishly cool. The city lights below were like stars glistening amidst an immense black blanket of buildings. We were alone as we trod the long stretch of road, and the trees were like black entities towering over us, watching us as we walk. The sounds of sand and rocks crushing beneath our feet and faraway disco music were the only disturbance of the silence that sang for the evening.

E-ehm. So yeah. That was it. Looking forward to more graveyard picnics soooon ♥

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello, bats! In the Philippines, particularly. Subkulture is giving me the honor of holding a giveaway of five tickets to Eternal Death Wake 11! For those who are still wondering what Eternal Death Wake is, I posted about it here. See facebook event page and poster below for more details of the upcoming event:

Wanna join in the fun? Get a chance to win free tickets here! Here's how to:

  1. Follow me on Facebook or Blogspot.

  2. Like the Subkulture and Eternal Death Wake FB pages.

  3. "Join" Eternal Death Wake 11 in the EDW FB event page.

  4. Leave a comment under this post with your email address.

Deadline of entries will be on October 26, 2013.

So how are the three lucky winners chosen? Simple! I'm gonna use a random number generator.

So, what art thou waiting for? Make haste! Send thy entries now! ♥

FANGS OUT! Eternal Death Wake on Oct 26!

Calling all Filipino Goths!
Subkulture's annual Goth event is fast approaching! Eternal Death Wake 11 will be held in Makati City, Philippines on October 26 (and in San Francisco on November 2)! Come join in the dreadful fun!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This blog is featured in! ♥

Subkulture is the Home of Subkulture Magazine, The Eternal Death Wake (EDW) Festival, Subkulture Records, and Subkulture Radio.

Subkulture is a Fraternal Organization which supports Goth-related Music & Culture from around the Globe.

Tracing its roots to Manila, the Philippines, Subkulture began in the early 90's as an exclusive Goth club of close knitted friends who shared an affinity for bands like the Cure and Bauhaus, spearheaded by Gerard Runeschadow Delarosa an avid record collecter and Goth DJ from the 80s.  

It later developed into a roving club in the metropolis, Klub Gargoyle was born out of this and it's reputation grew, known to be the first roving goth club in Manila, Subkulture denizens began appearing in numbers significant enough to be noticed by the media, hereon the dispossesed have finally found their home.

Subkulture is dedicated in supporting the Global Dark Underground through all it's activities.

I was asked to post their magazine on my blog months ago, but I haven't got the chance to do so, I've been so busy and I'm kinda lackin' that enthusiasm in posting. Now, gladly, I've regained it! See their magazine here soooooon ♥

Waking your best friend up with a lil birthday surprise

October 12, 2013
Ian Roy may not be the perfect best friend one can have -- he's NEVER punctual, he's totally annoying, he never stops teasing you even when he knows you're already mad, he's a bit insensitive -- but he sure is a major life-changer.

If you've read my past posts, you might notice an implication of a sorrowful past, and and abrupt transition towards a healthy, wholesome present. I'm proud to say Ian Roy's responsible for the bright change.

My SMS bday message:
To my personal troublemaker. Former slave. Hired spy. Unpaid psychiatrist. Psycho psychic. Partner in crime. Fellow idiot. Music student. Chained lunatic. Inspirational chest. Dark fantasy co-enthusiast. Arranger-composer. One and only Mr. Bean. Evil plan plotter. Unashamed sidekick. Elementary playmate. Mad Hatter. Circus magician. My future film director. Unverified brother. To my best-est friend. The only vague character that never left my life story. The usual twist in my life's plot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My birthday present for him was rather late -- I gave him a bad day on his birthday and October 7th was the first day of our final exams so I had to make up for that during the weekend.

I'm pretty close with his family, I could visit their place anytime (sometimes I gotta consider his grandparents though) so I knocked on their door at around half past eight in the morning. Everyone was still asleep, and I didn't expect Ian Roy sleeping in the living room when he answered the door around two minutes later. Apparently he was awakened by my noisy knocks and was still too drowsy to believe I was actually visiting him at that hour, greeting him Happy Birthday while holding a cake that he paused then slammed the door in my face and mumbled Am I still dreaming? Moments later, he opened the door and still saw me there and said, "God, you're still there, this mustn't be a dream."

Jeth was supposed to be with us that morning but unfortunately it was a bit impossible for us to really meet up when she doesn't have a phone anymore. So I surprised Ian by myself though how awkward it would be, I mean, who's gonna take pictures of us, or me surprising him with poppers, confetti, noisemakers, and fountain candles?

Oh well, that wasn't much of a problem.

Look at that sleepy face hahahaha
Shadows leave you in the dark. But real friendship never does.

Now this doesn't look like me O.o
Le fountain candles! ♥
I love the sparkles! O_O
Stabbing the cake to death.

Tea is mandatory! ;)

Jeth finally caught up by lunch time so we had another meal, and discussed our plans: putting up a horror booth next year, studying different religions to come up with answers, agreeing about going on ghost hunting, and many more.

A Filipino meal. Without rice. With tea. Hahahaha what is it exactly?

Jeth had to go earlier though, she had to submit a paper in school. So I stayed in 'til evening, doing nothing but talking about anything under the moon.

Having a best friend whom you've always been with for quite a long time feels great, especially when your minds have this eerie connection that never gets cut off despite the time and distance that separate you. It's always cool to be with someone whom you can act stupid, talk about anything, and look super ugly with, but still have the most epic moments though you're not at your best! :D


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Videos For Your Parents To Watch

To those parents who kinda don't like the idea of their kids being Goth.

Hope these are helpful! As for me, I'm still waiting for the right timing to show my parents these, and I'm still thinking how, considering their close-minded and uber-religious nature.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Largest Bat in the World -- in the PHILIPPINES! :D



Descriptions online vary from source to source

The giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, is a rare megabat and one of the largest bats in the world. The species is endangered and is currently facing the possibility of extinction because of poaching and forest destruction. It is endemic to forests in the Philippines.

The giant golden-crowned flying fox gets its species name from the golden fur around the head, in sharp contrast to the black body. Like all other fruit bats, they have no tail. They are among the largest bats, with a wingspan of 1.5–1.7 metres (4 ft 10 in–5 ft 7 in) and weighing 0.7–1.2 kilograms (1.5–2.6 lb). The only other bats with comparable measurements are a few species of Pteropus.

The largest bat species is the Giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), a rare fruit bat and endangered species that is part of the megabat family. Despite its name and superficial appearance, it is not closely related to the fox.

The maximum size is believed to approach 1.5 kg (3.3 lb), 55 cm (22 in) long, and the wingspan may be almost 1.8 m (6 ft).

The golden crown measures six feet in wingspan, the largest among all bats.


Now for some trivia:
The giant golden-crowned flying fox usually flies and are active at night. There have been several folkloric tales and mythical creatures in the Philippines that may be attributed to this giant bat, usually from the countryside. I haven't experienced them because I was born and raised in the city - there aren't much trees around, and noises from vehicles and machinery may disturb these "creatures".

One example of a mythical creature that could actually be the giant golden-crowned flying fox is the kikik.


Kikik transforms into a huge bird/bat at night and prowls. The kikik looks for a sleeping pregnant woman. Then it extends a very long proboscis into the womb and kills the fetus by draining its blood. It is said that while this is taking place, a 'kik-kik-kik' sound is often heard.
-- Hewbert Gabon

For one thing, I have a strong feeling that NO ONE has ever seen that kikik do the whole act of eating the fetus by extending its long, horrifying tongue inside the pregnant woman. According to Cebuano accounts online, they only heard sounds of the kikik's feet on their roof, and the bat or birdlike sounds they make. Due to the various and widespread rumors and tales prominent in a province, women who are pregnant would suddenly become conscious of the sounds that bats make. Since bats usually dwell and sleep in trees and caves, one could only expect quite a large population of them in the countryside because of all the forests and caves there :D

According to Avelina Gil, author of "In the Beginning", myths are the precursor of scientific investigation. Old folks who are not quite acquainted with science yet use their imagination to explain strange things, usually to warn kids and keep everyone intact.

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