Sunday, October 20, 2013

Le me starring in a black metal music video! O_O

All pictures are from Musika Sugbu

October 13, 2013
What I did on No Bra day? Woke up at 6, got ready, and headed to Lahug to meet up with a local black metal band and star in their MV. And no, I did not take off my bra.

I don't listen to black metal because I find it scary and Satanic. I also find corpse paint (a style of black-and-white makeup, used mainly by black metal bands during live concerts and photo shoots) just.. plain horrifying. But when I met the guys from EREHES, my assumptions were completely changed. Corpse paint isn't so scary after all, and these metalheads aren't the evil maniacs I thought they were. Black metalheads aren't necessarily Satanists.

The guys behind me are totally hilarious. And yes, I'm so tan here </3
I mean, guys in corpse paint, clad in black, with all the big metal spikes and gears.. riding on small bikes and braiding grasses? They're one of the coolest people I've ever hung out with on the first meeting! They were extra nice, respectful, and super hilarious! I was scared shitless on my way to our meeting place because I thought I was gonna get sacrificed or something. Hahahahahahahahaha but I wasn't. Instead, I was treated like a princess the whole day. I'll never forget these guys :3

le band members doin their makeup all by themselves :D
IDK but I totally find it cute and funny xD
le me and le director :3

Shootinggggg! Baaaaam!
Diz picture! I got included in CNU's Head Turner for this! Gaaaaaah heeeeeeelp :/ I'm sooo tan T.T
Kuya Ramee edited thissss ♥
These guys are the coolest! \m/

One thing I've learned, no, not learned but re-learned, is that we should never, at all costs, judge anyone. Daaaayum I should never have had assumptions beforehand. Oh well :/

The MV will be released maybe next month, so keep posted! xx ♥


  1. You left me speechless here. Black metal band from Philippines? Awesome.
    You look beautiful in the picture! :)

    1. Yeah! There are. I didn't even knew there were before. But there aren't many. Hahahahaha thanks! XD I don't think I am though xD

  2. Looking forward to seeing the video :)

    1. Will post it as soon as it gets released! :3 ♥

  3. Black Metal Band? Oh, i ever thought the same as you did lol. I'm waiting for the video. You look great! And those guys too, and the granny X'D

    1. Will post it as soon as it gets released! :3 ♥
      Loooool gaaaah I don't think I look great, I look so tan here D: Hahahahahahaa thanks eitherway xD ♥

  4. Beautiful combination. I listen to black metal and support Filipino bands. You are the perfect choice dear.


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