Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday the 13th Graveyard Picnic!

The most awaited Pre-Birthday Celebration post sure came in late! Might be presented as something that's best so saved for last, but miserably, my best friend Ian Roy actually sucks at punctuality (I guess I've always mentioned that), he's got the pictures, and it takes him a million reminders to finally get him moving.

September 13, 2013

le graves :'D

So here it is! My graveyard picnic during a day that literally proved to be unlucky as its name implies. Let me segregate the good ones from the bad ones. I'm gonna mention the latter first so this post gets sprinkled with sugar despite its mournful bitterness.

One, Ian Roy failed to bring my spotted tea set, the utensils, and some water. Despite all his reasons and excuses I considered "valid", one fact is clear: he didn't prepare well for the picnic. His unpreparedness became the root of all the trouble. My mind was at a state of unrest the whole time when we were on our way to the memorial park; I felt the itchy need to really buy a new tea set. Hence, we didn't disembark at Celestial Gardens but walked our long, dreary, scorching way to a mall to buy three tea cups and saucers (a whole tea set costs too much) instead. Myself being satisfied, we rode back to the street leading to Celestial Gardens and unconsciously hurried up the long, winding road to the cemetery, only to find out we forgot to buy some water for the tea. O.o Worse, no utensils. And we already made it up the hills and mountains when we realized it.

Two, Celestial Gardens is a private cemetery but it's free for public use. That means, only the family of the owner of the land the cemetery's built on can be buried there. By public use, it means anyone can visit the memorial park, have picnics, or hold religious activities. BUT, pictorials and photo shoots are absolutely not permitted. Yeah, you got that right, not much pictures during that day </3 We were actually reprimanded by this annoying stranger that got suspicious upon seeing our Goth attires. He thought we were all dressed up for a photo shoot.

So yeah, that was it. Nevertheless, our resourcefulness made us survive somehow.

Preparin :3

Lezz do dat duck face :D
*phone camera quality </3*

Anyhoo, at least we finally experienced having tea and eating some sweets at a cemetery. The cake was all good, we found ourselves even more than stuffed. The tea was sweet, the bavarian donuts were delectable, and the way down the hills was very dark and magical. Not a single light post was standing along the long road down. The moon was new, the sky was dark. The trees were but silhouettes against the phosphorescent night sky, the breeze ghoulishly cool. The city lights below were like stars glistening amidst an immense black blanket of buildings. We were alone as we trod the long stretch of road, and the trees were like black entities towering over us, watching us as we walk. The sounds of sand and rocks crushing beneath our feet and faraway disco music were the only disturbance of the silence that sang for the evening.

E-ehm. So yeah. That was it. Looking forward to more graveyard picnics soooon ♥


  1. Hey, that picnic is awesome! Love the stockings <3 Though there were something bothered lol XD It's nice to know goths having their leisure time at the graveyard; but not at my place D: the graveyard isn't as publicly open as i have seen in Europe, or even yours :( By the way, i sent a message to your fb, seems like it's on the other folder so you haven't noticed yet. I'm waiting for your reply :D

    1. Heeeey! Glad you liked the stockings! ♥ Actually it's pretty hard looking for a nice graveyard in my country too. The public ones are messy and filled with perverts, This gravyard here is actually a memorial park. About that message in fb, REALLY? I swear I haven't received any message from youuuu. Can you please send it again? Or just email me, if you don't mind :3

    2. right? I've sent it :-)


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