Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Dark Side of Argao (A Documentary)

Click here for the video.
Will be available in YouTube soon.

The Days of the Dead are upon us!
Explore some of the spooky spots in Argao--a province in Cebu--together with us!

For a better experience, watch in HD.
Note: The video is stretched lengthwise I don't know whyyy T.T

This is a school project in our ICT course. We only made use of what we have. We're not professionals or film making enthusiasts; that means we don't have those state-of-the-art cameras with ultramega lenses, we don't have microphones, lapels, lights, and all those sophisticated film making equipment, and digi cams and Sony Vegas aren't so bad either. We're only BA English Literature majors, for heaven's sake. At least we gave it our best shot. Blah blah blah.. You get the point.

And because we're new to this whole thing, I hope you all understand that we made some errors in the documentary. Anyhoooo, hope you like it.

Slept at 3 AM for 5 days, skipped the first two classes for 3 days. All for this.

PS: You bats will finally hear my voice O.o

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