Friday, October 4, 2013

Fledgling and Mentor (My Baby Bat and I)

Adventures with my Baby Bat :D

Dark Lipstick

The Monday after my birthday, one of my classmates (I think she sells Avon products) showed me a lippie that was supposedly for her customer. Fortunately, the customer told her it's not the right color she ordered, so our classmate asked me if I was interested in it. And boy, the first time I saw the color, I sure squealed and screamed. I've been wishing for that for a long time now.

I ran to Jetherine and she gasped ecstatically and kept jumping with me. Without hesitations, we divided the price between the two of us, quickly took out our money, and bought it.

Mid-parted hair? O.o
Phone camera quality :/

Skeletal Hands Hair Clips
Jetherine surprised me one day with two miniature skeletal hands. Though I prefer them white, the hair clips sure are cute! Jetherine gave me the purple one. :3

Mister Donut
Jeth and I usually hang out at Mister Donut. It's where we have lunch and head to after classes while I wait for Michael. As we munch on donuts, brownies, and twists, we discuss freaky stuff -- horror and gory movies, Goth bands, torture devices, controversies on religions, mental disorders, death, the science of ghosts.. and we listen to Goth songs on my phone. We don't use my earphones because the volume isn't that audible especially when inside the store, so we use my phone's loudspeaker instead (but of course we tone it down). And Jeth and I speak in straight English while we talk. All this makes all the customers in the store smirk and look at us. Nah, all the looks they give us don't really matter as long as we're having a good time :D

Her Bloody Nail Art ♥
I totally dig Jeth's new nails. O.o I envy them!

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