Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waking your best friend up with a lil birthday surprise

October 12, 2013
Ian Roy may not be the perfect best friend one can have -- he's NEVER punctual, he's totally annoying, he never stops teasing you even when he knows you're already mad, he's a bit insensitive -- but he sure is a major life-changer.

If you've read my past posts, you might notice an implication of a sorrowful past, and and abrupt transition towards a healthy, wholesome present. I'm proud to say Ian Roy's responsible for the bright change.

My SMS bday message:
To my personal troublemaker. Former slave. Hired spy. Unpaid psychiatrist. Psycho psychic. Partner in crime. Fellow idiot. Music student. Chained lunatic. Inspirational chest. Dark fantasy co-enthusiast. Arranger-composer. One and only Mr. Bean. Evil plan plotter. Unashamed sidekick. Elementary playmate. Mad Hatter. Circus magician. My future film director. Unverified brother. To my best-est friend. The only vague character that never left my life story. The usual twist in my life's plot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My birthday present for him was rather late -- I gave him a bad day on his birthday and October 7th was the first day of our final exams so I had to make up for that during the weekend.

I'm pretty close with his family, I could visit their place anytime (sometimes I gotta consider his grandparents though) so I knocked on their door at around half past eight in the morning. Everyone was still asleep, and I didn't expect Ian Roy sleeping in the living room when he answered the door around two minutes later. Apparently he was awakened by my noisy knocks and was still too drowsy to believe I was actually visiting him at that hour, greeting him Happy Birthday while holding a cake that he paused then slammed the door in my face and mumbled Am I still dreaming? Moments later, he opened the door and still saw me there and said, "God, you're still there, this mustn't be a dream."

Jeth was supposed to be with us that morning but unfortunately it was a bit impossible for us to really meet up when she doesn't have a phone anymore. So I surprised Ian by myself though how awkward it would be, I mean, who's gonna take pictures of us, or me surprising him with poppers, confetti, noisemakers, and fountain candles?

Oh well, that wasn't much of a problem.

Look at that sleepy face hahahaha
Shadows leave you in the dark. But real friendship never does.

Now this doesn't look like me O.o
Le fountain candles! ♥
I love the sparkles! O_O
Stabbing the cake to death.

Tea is mandatory! ;)

Jeth finally caught up by lunch time so we had another meal, and discussed our plans: putting up a horror booth next year, studying different religions to come up with answers, agreeing about going on ghost hunting, and many more.

A Filipino meal. Without rice. With tea. Hahahaha what is it exactly?

Jeth had to go earlier though, she had to submit a paper in school. So I stayed in 'til evening, doing nothing but talking about anything under the moon.

Having a best friend whom you've always been with for quite a long time feels great, especially when your minds have this eerie connection that never gets cut off despite the time and distance that separate you. It's always cool to be with someone whom you can act stupid, talk about anything, and look super ugly with, but still have the most epic moments though you're not at your best! :D


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