Thursday, January 31, 2013

What I Think About Black Hair


Seems to me most Goths dye their hair black because.. it's black.
.. But what if you live in a country where people naturally have black hair? I say it's no fun at all.

So what does a Filipino Goth (I'm sorry if some of you hate they way I label myself a lot. I think it's because no one else in this part of this archipelago is in the subculture) have to say about black hair?

Tan skin plus black hair doesn't look so pleasing.

99% of the population has black hair, which makes yours not so surprising.

It could sometimes imply that you're still studying.. In a strict school, to be exact.

The ordinary hair color's constantly battling off your uniqueness.

It could also mean you haven't got the money to follow the brunette/redhead/blonde trend.

I'm actually not a naturally-raven-haired girl. My real hair color is dark chestnut, until I used Cream Silk BLACK and coconut oil on it. It was black until I graduated from the strict Catholic school I studied in from Elementary to High School. I dyed my 90 cm locks with copper blonde + chestnut brown + coffee purple to taste that trendy feeling of having vibrant hair. As I walked along the city streets daily with my new hair, I saw a lot of those young bitches and sluts and "It-girls" wearing plunging necklines, minishorts, and/or sleeveless and navel-showing tank tops.. with the same shades as mine, more or less.

I don't know why but I FELT DEGRADED after I thought about it.

So my thoughts about black hair kinda changed after that life-changing realization. Here's what I think as of now, since my hair's now back to black.

My hair isn't "slut-colored".

I am NOT conforming to what the youth of this generation thinks is "beautiful" or "fashionable".
That makes me happy.

Black hair makes me look so "gawff". Haha ♥

It could sometimes make people think I HATE TRENDS.

Black from head to foot makes me look darkly amazing.

Have a batty day, darklings -- raven-haired or not. ♥

The Busy Goth

SHIT BRIX! Doesn't even look Goth at all.

Hiya, bats! :(
Miss Minxie here has been getting busier every second of her life. She's also doubling her efforts in school since this is the final semester and she's aiming to climb up the Dean's List as much as possible.

I'm totally sorry, bats. :<

Here are the stuff I've been digging my nose in and preparing for nowadays:
  • Short films
  • A declamation contest
  • A poetry reading session
  • A poster making contest
  • A spelling contest
  • A dance interpretation
  • The Otaku Fest (a CosPlay event)
  • Homework, research work, projects.. school stuff.
  • A presentation for my friend's Church's youth concert
  • Thinking too much about how and where to get money

So I guess you guys get it by now. There are some times though, when one could just find me lurking in my room or on top the toilet in the bathroom. But that doesn't mean I'm doing nothing. Actually, when I appear as if I'm doing "nothing", I'm still busy thinking and planning what to do next and where to start. I have a whole bunch of things to do! O.O

I don't really blame anyone for getting me to a lot of contests. I was the one who actually chose to accept all the invitations, join a lot of events and activities, and study too much. My reason? It's all because I miss getting busy! I also just realized that being busy in contests and events means a lot of pictures of me are comin'.. which also means..

Get ready for a load of photos this February! ♥ xx
I haven't posted much pictures this month, I can see that.

Currently watching:

Wait -- what did I just watch?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting Post: "Tea Time"

Hey, here's another pastel painting of mine that I did last summer :3 I had too much of Emilie Autumn those days xD Sorry for the ugly pastel job, though.

Bloody tea, bloody jam;
Gooey cake, I'll be damned!
Eyeballs roll, gosh I'll drool;

Eating fingers, just like a ghoul!

Please ask for permission if ever you wanna use this! :3

Monday Mourning: RIP Wiggles :(

Wiggles just died this morning.

My body was too heavy and tired to heed my little sister's warning.

"Minxie! Wiggles is so cold and weak!"

I wanted to get up and hold the poor creature in my hands but a grunt and a moan was all my strength could give. My limbs were aching all over from the whole-day walk yesterday, and I've been waking up for around 3 times in my sleep to read or reply to his text messages.

When I got up, it was 11 in the morning, and my sister's warning was all erased from my drowsy head as I answered his 20-minute phone call out in the front yard. When the call was cut off, my sister was suddenly running from our room, the hamster in hand, "Oh my gosh, oh my.."

I looked at the stiff hamster and was grieved and surprised, I didn't know how to react. I suddenly remembered the vermin poison she accidentally carried in her cheek pouches last week. "The poison.. How.. How many days did it take effect?"

"I don't.. I don't know." That was all my sister could say. And she sat down on her bed as she kept on caressing the dead hamster on her hand while she sobbed and cried.

R.I.P, Wiggles :(
☆ September 2012
✟ December 2013
We buried her in our backyard/graveyard for killed rats. Huh? Hey, wait, burying her in that particular place isn't really that bad, since we decorated her grave with poinsettias and orchids, and I made a cross out of sticks for her. That should make her different from all the other corpses buried there.
It's good to have you in our lives, Wiggles. You're our longest-living hamster. :(((

(Yes, I cried. What do you expect?)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Your Highness, Edgar Allan Poe! ♥

epic B|


Tales Of The Isolated Goth Girl's Doin' Fine

My blog stats is makin' me happy! Even DELIRIOUS sometimes (I blame all of you for this unstoppable excitement and overdose of enthusiasm. I almost couldn't sleep because I keep thinking which Gothic rock song to cover, or how to record a Goth craft tutorial :'3 ♥) Thank you for all the hits, comments, positive remarks, and additional members for my Army of the Undead! Keep 'em comin'!

I promise to keep my future posts from being boring. Though I don't have a camera to call my own, I will try my best to utilize all the resources I have here (penniless Goth over here).

I've also added more blog gadgets at the right, and I'm planning to add some more for everyone -- Goth or not -- to enjoy their stay here. ^w^

Thank you so much! Umm, thank you again! I'm so happy I just might cry popcorn.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Two New Books!

Hi bats!

I've been frequenting the BOOKSALE book shop lately. BOOKSALE sells a good load of secondhand books, mostly bestseller ones! Some of them books come from other countries, but they come in really cheap (the cheapest one I've seen so far costs P5.00 which is around 0.123245 cents if you're from the US. O.o) I've even seen a book that still bears the name of the previous American owner, complete with her mobile number, her school, and the address. Hahahahaha.

So yeah, I'm pretty happy I have two, new books to read! I'm halfway through in "Never Slow Dance With A Zombie" by E. Van Lowe. It's the book I bought frist. Genre is teens, comedy, drama. I bought it because of the cover and the title. It's pretty fine though. But I surely can't wait to read the second one, "Ravenloft: Scholar Of Decay" by Tanya Huff! The genre is Gothic horror! I miss reading Gothic books! ♥

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe

Book Description: 
Principal Taft's 3 Simple Rules for Surviving a Zombie Uprising:

Rule #1: While in the halls, walk slowly and wear a vacant expression on your face. Zombies won't attack other zombies.

Rule #2:  Never travel alone.  Move in packs.  Follow the crowd.  Zombies detest blatant displays of individuality.

Rule #3:  If a zombie should attack, do not run. Instead, throw raw steak at to him.  Zombies love raw meat. This display of kindness will go a long way.

On the night of her middle school graduation, Margot Jean Johnson wrote a high school manifesto detailing her goals for what she was sure would be a most excellent high school career. She and her best friend, Sybil, would be popular and, most important, have boyfriends. Three years later, they haven't accomplished a thing! 

Then Margot and Sybil arrive at school one day to find that most of the student body has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. When kooky Principal Taft asks the girls to coexist with the zombies until the end of the semester, they realize that this is the perfect opportunity to live out their high school dreams. All they have to do is stay alive..

Scholar of Decay (Ravenloft Books) by Tanya Huff

Book Description:

When Aurek Nuiken travels to Richemulot to search for a spellbook that will save his endangered wife, little does he know that a beautiful woman, a family of wererats, and his own brother will cruelly conspire to turn the tables against him. As hideous monsters of Ravenloft close in, he is drawn to the brink of madness in a world that preys on the innocent.

Non-Goth Suitor Doesn't Know I'm Goth

Another suitor signed up for a whimsical, theatrical, and unusual joy ride in his life. He still doesn't know what's in store so I'm not saying "yes" yet, 'til he knows about my morbid interests, that is. If he accepts me, then I'll be happy, but if he doesn't, I'll laugh devilishly at his loss. He will have lost one of the most talented, most beautiful, and smartest girls in the whole wide world. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. E-ehm. Sorry for the sudden egotistic statement. It was fueled by adrenaline, I swear. I'm just a bit hysterical as of the moment.

Wish me luck for my Sinulog date tomorrow, bats!

Amy Asphodel and her non-Goth boyfriend! ♥ [source]

Dear God,
I pray that this guy you're giving me isn't a pervert. I hope he's not boring or ill-mannered too. Thank you for someone like him, though, and I pray he'll accept the girl You molded me to become. In Jesus' name. AMEN.

-- Minxie is nervous. HAHAHAHAHA

"Sinulog", Cebu's Big Festival

I'm inviting everyone from all over the world to visit Cebu during the early weeks of January!

Cebu becomes totally festive and lively during this time of year -- even more festive than Christmas time, I swear. The road isles are decorated with tarpaulins and posters of Señor Santo Niño, you get to see red and yellow fiesta buntings hung above as you look up, deafening music and beats roar from the speakers of almost every establishment, some roads get temporarily closed due to the parades and the big sea of people, stalls selling Cebuano stuff or providing tattoos appear, and theatrical dances are presented onstage or along the streets!

Cebuanos waving during the chorus of a Sinulog song at mass. [source]




All this in commemoration of what happened hundreds of years ago. It was in the year 1521.

From Wikipedia: 
On April 15, 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived and planted the cross on the shores of Cebu, claiming the territory for Spain. He presented the image of the child Jesus, the Santo Niño, as baptismal gift to Hara Amihan, wife of Rajah Humabon. Hara Amihan was later named, Queen Juana in honor of Juana, mother of Carlos I. Along with the rulers of the island, some 800 natives were also baptized to the Roman Catholic Church. At the moment of receiving the holy image, it was said that Queen Juana danced with joy bearing this image of the child Jesus. With the other natives following her example, this moment was regarded as the first Sinulog.

This event is frequently used as basis for most Sinulog dances, which dramatize the coming of the Spaniards and the presentation of the Santo Niño to the Queen. A popular theme among Sinulog dances is Queen Juana holding the Santo Niño in her arms and using it to bless her people who are often afflicted by sickness caused by demons and other evil spirits.

After Magellan died on April 27, 1521 on the shores of Mactan, the remnants of his men returned to Spain. The Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi arrived in Cebu on April 28, 1565 and occupied the villages ruled by Rajah Tupas. In one of the huts of the burning village, one of López de Legazpi's soldiers named Juan Camus found a wooden box containing the statue of the Santo Niño lying amongst several other native idols. Historians later said that during the 44 years between the arrival of Magellan and López de Legazpi, the natives of Cebu continued to dance the Sinulog but no longer to worship their anitos (god) but to show their reverence to the Santo Niño.

The Augustinian friars that accompanied López de Legazpi in his expedition proclaimed the statue performed miracles and built a church on the site where it was found. The church was called San Agustin Church, later renamed to Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

Since 1521, devotion to the Santo Niño has grown and has taken root in Philippine popular piety, particularly in the Visayas; pilgrims from different parts of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines make their yearly journey to the church to take part in the procession and festival. Starting in 1980, the Cebu City government organized the Sinulog Festival and eventually gave incentives to tribal dance groups. The first Sinulog parade was held in 1980, organized by Dávid Odilao, then Regional Director of the Ministry of Sports, and Youth Development. The parade was composed of students dressed in Moro costumes, dancing the Sinulog to the beating of drums.

The idea caught and thus, under the direction of the Cebu City Mayor Florentino Solon with the help of several influential Cebuanos, Odilao turned over the Sinulog project to the Cebu City Historical Committee under Kagawad Jesus Garcia. It was the task of the Committee to conceptualize the Sinulog festival and make it into a yearly event from then on.

In 1981 the following year, the concept of the Sinulog Parade was actualized involving not just Cebu but also representatives from other provinces in the Philippines . Marking its difference from another popular festival, the Ati-Atihan in Aklan, the Sinulog focuses not on the ritual itself but on the historical aspects of the dance, which, as it has been said, represents the link the country's embrace of Christian faith.

Sinulog is celebrated every third Sunday of January, but Cebu dances even before the said date. This is gonna be fun. ♥


Midterm Exams Are Over!


I'm sorry if I hadn't informed you bats about the then-upcoming midterm exams last week. I was totally busy studying and writing down stuff about Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales, taking online quizzes, and breaking off the boredom by reading great, hilarious articles from SPARKNOTES. Oh, before I forget, I would like to thank SPARKNOTES for being a great help to my studies, and for being the main reason why I got the highest exam score in my major subject, Literary History of English! Yay for this Goth! and to SPARKNOTES!

Thanks a million, SPARKNOTES! ♥

Most of the exams were a bloody piece of cake to me, except for the subjects that have always been a usual pain in the neck for my brain (wait, does my brain have a neck?): Trigonometry, Filipino, and Physics. I'm obviously right-brained, so I normally ain't that strong and interested in Mathematics and Science.

Well, yes I did get some A's in Math way back when I was in high school, but I thank the wonderful instructor for that because he teaches Math thoroughly yet effortlessly, like it's some other easy subject. He'd give the lecture for a span of more or less than 30 minutes only, and then have us answer the daily seatworks for the remaining time. I was really good at Math then, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about it. Well NOW, I'm not good at it PLUS I'm not enthusiastic. This instructor I have right now fills the whole period with hilarious jokes. Math period is fun, the exams, though, aren't.

Filipino, unlike Math, has always been my nightmare regardless of the instructor. I know, I know. It's a shame that I'm not so good at speaking my country's national language, but don't blame me. My parents haven't been good at raising me in a Filipino environment. Me and my siblings' humor is pretty Western, and we don't watch local movies or shows, nor listen to local music.. which only means our whole family isn't really good at Filipino at all (except for my mom maybe, since she grew up in Manila).

And Physics? The instructor's voice is as inaudible as anybody's usual classroom fart. Moreover, his voice is like Jigglypuff's singing. I'm nearest to his table but I headbang like a zombie due to drowsiness everyday.

Oh well, I think my grades in these 3 subjects are gonna suck.. but at least I rock the other 5 ;)

So to all students reading this, Goth or not, here's a beautiful conclusion for this post and/or a wonderful thought/quote to ponder for the day:

"Our grades do not exactly reflect what kind of STUDENTS we are, sometimes it only shows what kind of INSTRUCTORS we have."

Have a batty day, bats! ♥

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poem Post: "Void"

Composed on a bitter morning way back when I was 15.



O, the woe of it all
when all thou see is nothing
but the eerie darkness soothing
from the tortures I receive
night by night
the corners of this poor soul
captured and pinned down
by the most disturbing voices
crying in destined suffering
just when I created
the most perfect choices.

Nothing lasts forever
but what am I to do when such
is made eternal in my tower
brittle and dark amongst red skies?

I curse none else but the soul
of which this materialized entity carries,
subconscious filled with everlasting grief
and mourning deep within a distorted abyss.

I pity the ever-following and loyal shadow
of such a worthless, unfaithful soul.
The mystery of darkness could never swallow,
such emptiness carried by
this impudent, immaterial ghoul.
This body is merely stuck,
in unreasonable worldly drought
twisting the mind and spirit without luck
creeping and seeping in my thoughts.

 Devouring nothingness and emptiness so sick,
suffering though had always amused me,
but see that as I stay and watch each second tick,
I still have nowhere to run..

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3

Art Post: "Lil Miss Muffet"

I once had a teacher who had little knowledge in true art and music. Bookish and seemingly uninterested, he read then spoke about the lessons the whole period; oftentimes his interpretations to his readings were undoubtedly wrong, and I couldn't help but shake my head as I heard each of his uttered sentences. I kept my arguments for him to myself since I once tried to correct him as politely as I could, but unfortunately I was shunned. However I do look up to him in his knowledge and unquestionable skill in dance, his intense patience, and his beautifully easy exams.

He gave us this homework. We were told to make up a product of our own and draw or design an advertisement for it. I thought long and hard. And this was what I came up with.

I was the only one who made the project from Adobe Photoshop, complete with a poem for a description, and a Gothic mini hat when I advertised it in front of class. Sadly, I was still unrecognized and unappreciated way back then, ignored, laughed at, mocked.

Woe to all the vacuous knuckleheads of my time. I pity you.

Painting Post: "The Red Queen's Castle"

The previous painting post "My Very Own Wonderland" was painted after I watched Tim Burton's Alice. Well, this one too. Haha. I watched the movie again last summer, and I started to notice that whenever I watch the movie, my mind tends to puke colorful matter out of my hands. Not only Alice in Wonderland though, movies like Frankenweenie, Big Fish, Dark Shadows, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and many others would suddenly raise up my creativity levels after I turn off the TV and head to bed. Is it just me, or is there really something that His Highness Tim Burton adds in each of his movies? ♥

"The Red Queen's Castle"
O how will you find your way?

Please ask for permission if you wish to use this! :3

PS: Ignore the punched holes at the left edge of the paper. Hahaha, I just took out a scratch paper by instinct and started painting xD

Painting Post: "My Very Own Wonderland"

Hiya, since I haven't got any idea what to post here as of now, I'm gonna post some of my paintings and poems again. :3

I painted this after watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland for the nth time since. I was a bit disturbed and depressed again that time, so I decided to escape into a wonderful world in my own fantasies, to be lost in an eternal dream, and stay there 'til God knows when.

"My Very Own Wonderland"
I dwell in my very own wonderland,
where under the sky painted with blood,
beside the thornless rose bushes
-- painted red from the color of the sky,
however the blood had long dried --
far from the glowing mushrooms of poison,
I sip my arsenic-flavored tea,
and reserve grandly for later 
a flan I fished from the sea.

Please ask for permission if you wanna use this though! :3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Yet Another Classmate's Death :(

I presently write with grief and sorrow for another melancholic experience as a student. This is the third time I had a classmate who died. 

Every time you hear of the fresh news, it is indeed surprising and unbelievable; it makes you cringe, your lovely day darkens as you gradually realize that a friend can no longer talk to you the next day, the next week, the next years, or simply... forever. And they left you without bidding you farewell, you expected tomorrow to be another ordinary and normal day in which they will still exist in, they will still hug you and compliment you for your personality and taste. It is truly shocking to hear all of a sudden that they're gone, and they're never coming back.

She now lies in her coffin, still and lifeless, cold, emotionless, her eyes closed, and she is painfully relieved of the smile she normally used to wear. She is dead.

Causes of death is said to remain unknown to those who will not ask about it from her parents. I, myself, do not know it yet.

The Grim Reaper took her just this Tuesday, January 8, at 3AM they say.

RIP Christine Roda
Thanks for the hugs, the compliments, and the friendship. I'm really happy I became part of your cheerful life, even for just a while.

Sighs. :( 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yay New Layout!

Hiya fellas!
I designed a new template design because I found the previous one too simple..
Hope everyone likes it :3

*Stripey design fished from deviantArt.*

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Asked A Girl In School If She's Goth


This took place way back when the first semester was halfway over.

I was in the library to accompany a friend while she does her research, and give her a hand in case she gets stuck. I let her go about the shelves she needed to look into, while I approached the fiction section to see if there was any Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Stephen King, or Mary Shelley, though I didn't plan to borrow one if I'd see any, I probably only wanted to have that feeling of contentment and satisfaction to have learned if there was any presence of Gothic fiction among the shelves. I bent down to the short, waist-length shelf and saw a couple of Victor Hugo's works, Charlotte's and Emily Bronte's, Mary Shelley's, William Shakespeare's tragedies, and some interestingly morbid titles. I stood up when I was a bit satisfied, and scanned the room in place to look for my friend, when I saw an interesting girl from the other side of the short shelf. Her hair was teased and tied up, resembling that 80's Goth look; she had a big, wooden cross hanging by her school ID, and she wore a good amount of eyeliner both in her upper and lower eyelids. Without much hesitation, I asked her immediately and straightforwardly; I didn't care if she gets freaked out. "Excuse me, are you Goth?"

She was also searching for books in the same shelf when she heard me, and she was really surprised by the sudden question from a stranger. "Wha--?"

"Are you Goth?" I repeated with a polite smile; half-excited, half-pessimistic.

"Go-- what?" She chuckled cutely at her ignorance and the awkwardness.

I paused half-smiling now, and thought for a moment. My hopes went down, because if she really was what I thought she was, she would've heard the word the first time I said it. "Goth, as in G - O - T - H." And if she was, spelling it wouldn't also have been necessary.

"Goth? What's that? Uhh, I.. I - I don't know," she shook her head as she smiled and stammered innocently, her face had an expression that completely says she had only first heard the word just now.

For a split second, I remembered how some Goths deny it when they were asked this question. I remembered what I read online, about how rejecting Goth labels made you even more 'goth'. So I followed it up with questions of reassurance. "Really? You aren't?"

She shrugged and shook her head again as she politely smiled, "I don't know.. I - I don't.. know."

Thus I searched for a good question that would probably give me a good answer; a question that will clarify, a question that will seemingly haul in an answer that creates the verdict. "What music do you listen to?" I asked, smiling as politely as she did.

"Anything that everyone listens to today."


Those That I've Seen Wearing Goth Band Shirts

That moment when you see someone actually wearing a Joy Division shirt, and you hurriedly and excitedly look at the person wearing it and you see a -- a -- a...

OH, it's a.. only a carpenter bringing his stuff and walking his way home.

Sad indeed.

I've also seen a guy wearing a shirt printed with Siouxsie's huge, beautiful signature eyes. Sadly, the guy was a jejemon, which led me to think that he only bought the shirt because the eyes looked sexy.

Damn, am I really alone in Cebu? xD

5 Things That Happen [To Me] When Wearing A Corset


I don't know if this happens to everyone who's worn corsets, as I've never met anyone else here who wears them. But for sure, this is how I feel every time I put them on.

The hourglass shape makes you look stunning.

It's hard to take long, deep breaths.

Eating too much will make you nauseous.

It demands good posture and poise.

The tightness could hurt, but who cares? It's sexaaay. ♥

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: "Corsie Corset" ♥

Meet my one and only precious corset, Corsie! Hahaha. I feel so lucky to have her, and I find her so beautiful. She has a beauty that could lunge a thousand ships. Heehee :3

I wore her to church, at home, and to the city. I wore her the whole New Year's Day. ^w^


mocha-flavored cupcaaaaaake! from CupcaKen :3 ♥

A Bloody Good New Year!

I apologize for my usually late greetings m'Darklings. Miss Minxie here has been extremely preoccupied every now and then during the holidays: cooking, baking, reading, deciding outfits and all, keeping my head from creative and/or interesting posts to show everyone. However, watching His Highness Tim Burton's Frankenweenie woke up my dozed-off creativity and reminded me of my innate, artistic side.

Thus this year, darklings, expect Arts & Crafts posts! I do hope I'll be able to post my long-envisioned videos and tutorials this year. I will try my best!

A Happy New Year again, dears! :*
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