Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tales Of The Isolated Goth Girl's Doin' Fine

My blog stats is makin' me happy! Even DELIRIOUS sometimes (I blame all of you for this unstoppable excitement and overdose of enthusiasm. I almost couldn't sleep because I keep thinking which Gothic rock song to cover, or how to record a Goth craft tutorial :'3 ♥) Thank you for all the hits, comments, positive remarks, and additional members for my Army of the Undead! Keep 'em comin'!

I promise to keep my future posts from being boring. Though I don't have a camera to call my own, I will try my best to utilize all the resources I have here (penniless Goth over here).

I've also added more blog gadgets at the right, and I'm planning to add some more for everyone -- Goth or not -- to enjoy their stay here. ^w^

Thank you so much! Umm, thank you again! I'm so happy I just might cry popcorn.

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