Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mourning: RIP Wiggles :(

Wiggles just died this morning.

My body was too heavy and tired to heed my little sister's warning.

"Minxie! Wiggles is so cold and weak!"

I wanted to get up and hold the poor creature in my hands but a grunt and a moan was all my strength could give. My limbs were aching all over from the whole-day walk yesterday, and I've been waking up for around 3 times in my sleep to read or reply to his text messages.

When I got up, it was 11 in the morning, and my sister's warning was all erased from my drowsy head as I answered his 20-minute phone call out in the front yard. When the call was cut off, my sister was suddenly running from our room, the hamster in hand, "Oh my gosh, oh my.."

I looked at the stiff hamster and was grieved and surprised, I didn't know how to react. I suddenly remembered the vermin poison she accidentally carried in her cheek pouches last week. "The poison.. How.. How many days did it take effect?"

"I don't.. I don't know." That was all my sister could say. And she sat down on her bed as she kept on caressing the dead hamster on her hand while she sobbed and cried.

R.I.P, Wiggles :(
☆ September 2012
✟ December 2013
We buried her in our backyard/graveyard for killed rats. Huh? Hey, wait, burying her in that particular place isn't really that bad, since we decorated her grave with poinsettias and orchids, and I made a cross out of sticks for her. That should make her different from all the other corpses buried there.
It's good to have you in our lives, Wiggles. You're our longest-living hamster. :(((

(Yes, I cried. What do you expect?)

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