Friday, January 18, 2013

Midterm Exams Are Over!


I'm sorry if I hadn't informed you bats about the then-upcoming midterm exams last week. I was totally busy studying and writing down stuff about Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales, taking online quizzes, and breaking off the boredom by reading great, hilarious articles from SPARKNOTES. Oh, before I forget, I would like to thank SPARKNOTES for being a great help to my studies, and for being the main reason why I got the highest exam score in my major subject, Literary History of English! Yay for this Goth! and to SPARKNOTES!

Thanks a million, SPARKNOTES! ♥

Most of the exams were a bloody piece of cake to me, except for the subjects that have always been a usual pain in the neck for my brain (wait, does my brain have a neck?): Trigonometry, Filipino, and Physics. I'm obviously right-brained, so I normally ain't that strong and interested in Mathematics and Science.

Well, yes I did get some A's in Math way back when I was in high school, but I thank the wonderful instructor for that because he teaches Math thoroughly yet effortlessly, like it's some other easy subject. He'd give the lecture for a span of more or less than 30 minutes only, and then have us answer the daily seatworks for the remaining time. I was really good at Math then, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about it. Well NOW, I'm not good at it PLUS I'm not enthusiastic. This instructor I have right now fills the whole period with hilarious jokes. Math period is fun, the exams, though, aren't.

Filipino, unlike Math, has always been my nightmare regardless of the instructor. I know, I know. It's a shame that I'm not so good at speaking my country's national language, but don't blame me. My parents haven't been good at raising me in a Filipino environment. Me and my siblings' humor is pretty Western, and we don't watch local movies or shows, nor listen to local music.. which only means our whole family isn't really good at Filipino at all (except for my mom maybe, since she grew up in Manila).

And Physics? The instructor's voice is as inaudible as anybody's usual classroom fart. Moreover, his voice is like Jigglypuff's singing. I'm nearest to his table but I headbang like a zombie due to drowsiness everyday.

Oh well, I think my grades in these 3 subjects are gonna suck.. but at least I rock the other 5 ;)

So to all students reading this, Goth or not, here's a beautiful conclusion for this post and/or a wonderful thought/quote to ponder for the day:

"Our grades do not exactly reflect what kind of STUDENTS we are, sometimes it only shows what kind of INSTRUCTORS we have."

Have a batty day, bats! ♥

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