Saturday, January 12, 2013

Painting Post: "My Very Own Wonderland"

Hiya, since I haven't got any idea what to post here as of now, I'm gonna post some of my paintings and poems again. :3

I painted this after watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland for the nth time since. I was a bit disturbed and depressed again that time, so I decided to escape into a wonderful world in my own fantasies, to be lost in an eternal dream, and stay there 'til God knows when.

"My Very Own Wonderland"
I dwell in my very own wonderland,
where under the sky painted with blood,
beside the thornless rose bushes
-- painted red from the color of the sky,
however the blood had long dried --
far from the glowing mushrooms of poison,
I sip my arsenic-flavored tea,
and reserve grandly for later 
a flan I fished from the sea.

Please ask for permission if you wanna use this though! :3

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