Saturday, January 12, 2013

Painting Post: "The Red Queen's Castle"

The previous painting post "My Very Own Wonderland" was painted after I watched Tim Burton's Alice. Well, this one too. Haha. I watched the movie again last summer, and I started to notice that whenever I watch the movie, my mind tends to puke colorful matter out of my hands. Not only Alice in Wonderland though, movies like Frankenweenie, Big Fish, Dark Shadows, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and many others would suddenly raise up my creativity levels after I turn off the TV and head to bed. Is it just me, or is there really something that His Highness Tim Burton adds in each of his movies? ♥

"The Red Queen's Castle"
O how will you find your way?

Please ask for permission if you wish to use this! :3

PS: Ignore the punched holes at the left edge of the paper. Hahaha, I just took out a scratch paper by instinct and started painting xD

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