Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Busy Goth

SHIT BRIX! Doesn't even look Goth at all.

Hiya, bats! :(
Miss Minxie here has been getting busier every second of her life. She's also doubling her efforts in school since this is the final semester and she's aiming to climb up the Dean's List as much as possible.

I'm totally sorry, bats. :<

Here are the stuff I've been digging my nose in and preparing for nowadays:
  • Short films
  • A declamation contest
  • A poetry reading session
  • A poster making contest
  • A spelling contest
  • A dance interpretation
  • The Otaku Fest (a CosPlay event)
  • Homework, research work, projects.. school stuff.
  • A presentation for my friend's Church's youth concert
  • Thinking too much about how and where to get money

So I guess you guys get it by now. There are some times though, when one could just find me lurking in my room or on top the toilet in the bathroom. But that doesn't mean I'm doing nothing. Actually, when I appear as if I'm doing "nothing", I'm still busy thinking and planning what to do next and where to start. I have a whole bunch of things to do! O.O

I don't really blame anyone for getting me to a lot of contests. I was the one who actually chose to accept all the invitations, join a lot of events and activities, and study too much. My reason? It's all because I miss getting busy! I also just realized that being busy in contests and events means a lot of pictures of me are comin'.. which also means..

Get ready for a load of photos this February! ♥ xx
I haven't posted much pictures this month, I can see that.

Currently watching:

Wait -- what did I just watch?

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