Thursday, January 3, 2013

Those That I've Seen Wearing Goth Band Shirts

That moment when you see someone actually wearing a Joy Division shirt, and you hurriedly and excitedly look at the person wearing it and you see a -- a -- a...

OH, it's a.. only a carpenter bringing his stuff and walking his way home.

Sad indeed.

I've also seen a guy wearing a shirt printed with Siouxsie's huge, beautiful signature eyes. Sadly, the guy was a jejemon, which led me to think that he only bought the shirt because the eyes looked sexy.

Damn, am I really alone in Cebu? xD


  1. I know two guys from my school who wears Bauhaus and Siouxie and the Banshees shirts... they look deathrock-ish.
    I'm scared to ask if they're gawf...
    Wouldn't want to make a fool out of myself. xD

    1. nooooo, hahaha i suggest you don't ask them. they're just gonna laugh at you or deny it anyway. i say it's best if you just let them be, appreciate the fact that you're not alone, and be friends with them when they ask for it. xD hopefully they'll soon notice that you listen to the same bands they love. hee hee :3


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