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Echoes of the Heart

FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Hi bats! As promised, I'll be posting pictures from the various events, contests, and programs I've been involved in during this month.

The following set of pictures took place during Valentines day! Since it's the English month, several programs are being held, featuring poems, plays, declamations, postermaking contests, extemporaneous speeches, and the like. Echoes of the Heart is a program that showcases Poetry Reading performances by English majors in the university. The pieces read were written by the poetry readers themselves. :3 This took place last February 14, and I was asked to be one of the emcees! :> That's pretty surprising since I'm still a freshman ^w^ Aside from being the emcee though, I was also a poetry reader. I could have also presented a dance together with other freshmen if I didn't refuse. xD 

You could just imagine all the rehearsing I had to go through just for that day. O.o Doesn't matter, nothing's exhausting as long as you're happy with what you're doing! ♥ Aside from Art being my drive, I'm also happy doing all this because I'm showing people that Goths shouldn't be underestimated and looked down upon! ^w^

PS: Don't fret. There aren't much pictures. xD There are only 4, in fact. Hahahaha. I'll be adding more if I'd find some on Facebook. These are the only pictures I happened to find so far.

PPS: Yes, it's the same costume. D'oh. :/

*pita* MOEEEE~! x'D kyaaa. doki doki doki doki dokkun DON! niko niko. gaku gaku :'3 JIIIIIIIN!
muhehehehehehe xD
 *clears throat* Pardon me for the sudden outburst of Japanese onomatopoeic words. Hahahahahaha :">
Have a batty day, bats! ^w^

A Declamation Piece: "Sanity on Fire"


Heyyy bats! In 2 days I'll be delivering a declamation piece. I was asked to be a contestant (AGAIN), and I couldn't just refuse. I love taking part in anything if I have what it takes to be so. :3

Okaaaayy, I admit, I'm not so sure if this thing I just wrote is really a declamation piece, as I've never tried writing one before, and I'm not quite experienced with declamations. When I tried using a stopwatch as I recited it, the piece runs for 8 to 10 minutes when recited! O.o But anyway, I'm just gonna give it a try.

This piece is heavily inspired by American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and Emilie Autumn. ♥

Sanity on Fire
A Declamation Piece?

I wake up.
It's the same bad dream. A house in flames.. and voices.. shrieks.
It has always been the same bad dream! *laughs*

*sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff*
Doctor? *sniff, sniff, sniff* Doctor? Doctor! *sniff, sniff* F-Firemen! I smell the scent of gasoline in my cell! My cell.. My cell is on fire! I smell smoke! Doctor! Firemen! It's blazing in here! HEEEEELP--


Hi Doctor. I was just playing around so you can come by and.. let me out.
PLEASE! I'm not mad! I'm not mad! I only want to end my life.. Please! LET ME! Please..


The doctor's gone. Maybe I just imagined him again. Oh well.

A crowd? So many people! How -- how did you get here?! Who are you?! Who let you in?! How long have you been watching me here?! *gasp* Oh, I get it now. You've all come here to rescue me! Is that it? I can't just be imagining all of you here, can I?

Please let me out of here! I'm not insane! I'm not fit to be imprisoned in a filthy cell such as this! I'm the daughter of a landlord! I can't be here! Please! Please! Please.. I'm Mr. Kingsleigh's daughter.. Please..

I only have 2 hours 'til the jailer checks the cells.. 2 hours 'til the jailer locks me up permanently.. 2 hours and.. my family burns in the fire.. Oh, they are screaming! They are crying for me! PLEASE! I have to save them! Please..

WHAT? How dare! I did not start the fire! It wasn't me! It wasn't me! It wasn't me.. Why wouldn't anyone believe me? I'm innocent!

Yes, my twin sister and I loved each other more than anything else in the world. Our similarities never bothered us because it was funny how most people didn't know how to tell us apart. It was funny until then.. Until then. SHE DID IT! She did it! She.. She did it! She.. did it. She.. was obsessed with her lover. Unfortunately, mother and father had to arrange a marriage for her. She was to be married to a landlord for financial reasons. Yet.. she was with child. Her lover's. Thus mother and father had to get rid of the child once it's born.

I can still remember the cold little corpse being thrown into the nearby river. OH, IT WAS HORRIBLE!

My sister became quiet for months, and she cried whenever she received presents from her fiance. She told me she heard an infant crying every night and she couldn't sleep. She became distant, lethargic.. At most times, she did not move.

She served us tea one afternoon. She was surprisingly happy then, smiling as she poured the tea to our cups. Her tea was peculiar, though. Too sweet.. too thick.. It made us dizzy..

I wake up. I'm in my room!

*sniff, sniff, sniff*
*gasp* SMOKE! SMOKE! All around me! The house is on fire!

I run to the door. It's locked! "Mommy! Daddy! Elizabeth!" I turn around and find my window open. I must quickly jump out to ask for help from the neighbors. As I open my mouth to scream for help, I hear my window being shut. I look back. I see my sister through the glass. She is smiling.. victoriously.. peacefully.. readily.. horrifyingly! She begins to burn.. to melt.. Flesh dripping.. darkening.. stripping down.. and slowly eaten by flames.

The house gradually crumbles right in front of my eyes. I could hardly move because of what I just learned.

The neighbors approached, bringing buckets of water. I still could not move. My mind stopped keeping pace with time. All things that moved are speeding past me.. blurry.. surreal. I could hardly hear their running steps.. their consolation.. their accusations. All I could hear is the crackling and hissing fire! The screams of my parents! I'm gradually losing touch with reality.

They brought me to my relatives to be taken care of. BUT I DO NOT WISH TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! The desire to lose this life continues to stain my innocent mind. However, they keep me from doing it.

Rope tied around my neck, one step from this stool and I shall taste the blissfully deadly grip that has the power to take me to another world.

One, two, three! GERONIMO! *closes eyes*
*opens eyes*

It did not.. work! Oh for the love of --
The rope is too long!

"Iracebeth? Can I come in? I have your dinner. Um, I'm coming in now Iracebeth."

*sighs* Maybe next time, Rope.

My aunt is looking at me.
Hi aunt. Meet Rope, a friend.

Of course she screamed, and in an hour, men in white came in the house and took me away.

They imprisoned me in a cell because everyone thought of me as dangerous -- having burned my own family while watching the house break down and such -- and suicidal. They tell me I'm on suicide watch and under treatment!
*laughs* HOW STUPID! I'm not mad! Insanity remains to be misunderstood, ladies and gentlemen! I'm not mad. I'm not mad! I'm not mad! I'M NOT MAAAAAD!!! *screams* My mother.. She's screaming! My father needs me! Please! Please! Let me out.. Let me out! They're burning! I have to save them! Please.. I'm not mad.. I'm not mad!



This declamation piece won second place! ♥ View that post here.
The post contains pictures of me performing it, and me receiving the award. :'3 

Before I end this post, let me share some pictures of Alice in Wonderland and Emilie Autumn! I'm aching to post them here. xD If you want to view the pictures though, click read more. xD
~ ♥ DISCLAIMER: Pictures are all searched from Google. ♥ ~

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Tell Me Goth Songs I Should Cover!!!

I've always dreamed of putting up covers of songs from Goth bands on Youtube! :D

I could play the guitar, the piano, the violin, bass, drums, harpsichord, flute, and the beatbox.. (still learning more xD) I'm at my best when I play the guitar, though. I can do wicked solos and fingerpick some songs. I used to be a lead guitarist, by the way :3

When I became good at the guitar, my hands soon moved surprisingly on their own as they touched other instruments! It's as if they all used to be friends from another life. A tinge of familiarity ran through my veins when I laid my hands on them... Hahaha. And no, I'm not kidding :D

I was 15.

I'm planning to enroll in a music school this year or next year as soon as I have the money. And I'm gonna enhance my singing by then. :>
Anyhoo, these are the songs I've been planning to cover so far. They're not much, that's why I want ye batties to suggest more songs. ^w^

  • Crowds - Bauhaus
  • Too Much 21st Century - Bauhaus
  • Who Killed Mr Moonlight - Bauhaus
  • Ziggy Stardust - Bauhaus
  • Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
  • Night Time - Bauhaus
  • Double Dare - Bauhaus
  • Martha's Harbour - All About Eve
  • Our Summer - All About Eve
  • December - All About Eve
  • Patience Worth - Faith and the Muse
  • And Laugh - But Smile No More - Faith and the Muse
  • Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
  • Just Like Heaven - The Cure
  • Gloomy Sunday - Emilie Autumn
  • Let The Record Show - Emilie Autumn
  • Mad Girl - Emilie Autumn
  • Gentlemen Aren't Nice - Emilie Autumn
  • Manic Depression - Emilie Autumn
  • Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
  • Doll's Head - The Late Isabel

Please comment thy suggestions below! 
Thankies ^w^ ♥

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Otaku Fest 2013

 Warning: Picture heavy! xD

Hiya bats! Four days ago, I attended a CosPlay event and I had loads of fun there. I invited a friend last month to come with me and I promised her I'll be the one to take care of the makeup and the boots and socks and I'll help her find a costume. Well, then again whenever I'd invite a friend to go to CosPlays with me, I'd always do anything for them just so they'd accompany me. Anyhoo, it's been a while since I've posted pictures of me hasn't it? And it's been a while since I CosPlayed (last time was during Halloween last year). So here are some photos! :D Click read more to see full post xD The post is pretty long, you know.

Additional Cosplayable Characters #2

Additional CosPlay plans :3
Here's the complete list: (Click here)

DISCLAIMER: All pictures are not mine. I searched them all on Google.

ZATSUNE MIKU from Vocaloid

KOBATO HASEGAWA from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

EMILY from Corpse Bride


DEAD MASTER from Black☆Rock Shooter

YUUKI CROSS from Vampire Knight

MADAME RED from Kuroshitsuji

LUKA from Sandplay Singing of the Dragon

ERZA (Goth Loli version) from Fairytail

DIVA from Blood+ 

Friday, February 15, 2013

13 Favorite Songs

Seeking solace in dark music during long hours of desolate silence. I'm writhing in the pain brought by betrayal, neglect, and frustration.

Not arranged according to which is best. Each of the songs are beautiful in their own way. ♥
Come, sing with me in the cold.

"Promised Land" - Skeletal Family
It felt like we’d been here a thousand years ago
When the door broke open and let in, the light
So we ran to an empty space and felt so free
You know we’ve never felt like this before
You turn to face me hold out you’re hand
Don’t you know that this is the promised land
With bright lights shining it feels so bright
Don’t you know that things go nice with spice
Now i think the time has come to open the box
Let in the world what’s been hidden inside
Not covering what the day brings, it seems so bright
Don’t you know that this is the promised land, alright
You turn to face me hold out you’re hand
Don’t you know that this is the promised land
With bright lights shining it feels so bright
Don’t you know that things go nice with spice

"Dead Leaf Echo" by Faith and the Muse
Tell your secrets to the ground the dampened leaves and broken twigs
reveal your presence...
Where she has lain three hundred years where no one hears...
What bade you come what brings you to this place
Where words and deeds gently end where lovers lost might find again

And if you had found her three hundred years before
Laughter on the hillside Dawn's colors in her eyes
Would you tell her your heart? Oh your heart...

If you hover here you'll feel her amidst the dust and silence, in bones and withered leaves
Oh speak your heart to the trees the restless breeze
What bade you search for the love you should have known
In wildflowers overgrown you know her nameless stone

And if you find her three hundred years from now
Laughter on the hillside Dawn's colors in her eyes
Though you have known her a hundred lives or more
Will you take her in your arms and kiss her perfect lips Tell at last...
Oh your heart...

Oh my dear ones Seize the day

"Peek-A-Boo" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Creeping up the backstairs
Slinking into dark stalls
Shapeless and slumped in bathchairs
Furtive eyes peep out of holes
She has many guises
She’ll do what you want her to
Playing dead and sweet submission
Cracks the whip deadpan on cue
Peek-a-boo peek-a-boo
Peek-a-boo peek-a-boo

Reeking like a pigsty
Peeling back and gagging free
Flaccid ego in your hand
Chokes on dry tears, can you understand?
She’s jeering at the shadows
Sneering behind a smile
Lunge and thrust to pout and pucker
Into the face of the beguiled

Peek-a-boo peek-a-boo
Golly jeepers
Where’d you get those peepers?
Peepshow, creepshow
Where did you get those eyes?

Strobe lights pump and flicker
Dry lips crack out for more
`come bite on this rag doll, baby!
That’s right, now hit the floor’
They’re sneaking out the back door
She gets up from all fours
Rhinestone fools and silver dollars
Curdle into bitter tears

Peek-a-boo peek-a-boo
Golly jeepers
Where’d you get those peepers?
Peepshow, creepshow
Where did you get those eyes?

"Before the Dawn" by Shadow Image
lyrics on video.

"Too Much 21st Century" by Bauhaus
They all wanna be
something better

A better singer
A better actor
Better job

Better money
Better get her
Better love her
Better not

Too much rock
Too much conceit
Give me a one religion
(it's too much)

Too much fashion

To much selfish
Too much fake
Too much computer
Too much to take
(it's too much)

Too much adverts
Too much pick
Too much control
(it's too much)

They all wanna be something better
A better singer
A better actor
Better job

Better money
Better get her
Better love her
Better not

Ready, a better human

Its too much
Its too much

Ooh, yeah 

"Doll's Head" by The Late Isabel 
I did what I had to do
A madding voice told me to
Rip the head off the baby doll
Lying in the bed down the window
Down, down the street
Off the end of the block
Where a council of cats
Chit-chat, "Go, rip it, too."

Oh, look at those baby blues
One claw buried down those baby blues
See her head tossed
Around and about
Pretty pout, what a girl
See her curls
Like a can of worms
And she squirmed
I saw you do that
Don't ruin my bed you're dead


 "December" by All About Eve
There's a victorian tin, I keep my memories in,
I found it up in the attic.
After looking inside, I find the things that I'm hiding...
The leaves saved from a mistletoe kiss,
Only nostalgia has me feeling like this...
Like I miss you,
It must be the time of year.

Remember december,
It's like a wintergreen beside a diamond stream,
Remember december,
A fall of snow and the afterglow.
It could be taking our breath away
But the years stand in the way,
Remember december,
How does it make you feel inside ?

Beneath a valentine, I see a locket is shining
I think it must be the wine,
Makes me feel it's all real.
Where nothing seems to rhyme
To breathe life into the dust of a keepsake
I might as well try to fix a chain on a snowflake
Or a heartache,
It must be the time of year.

Should I feel this alone, should I pick up the phone
Should I call you up and wish you 'happy christmas' ?
I feel so alone, should I pick up the phone
Take my heart in my hand
And ask if you remember...

"Dead is the New Alive" by Emilie Autumn
Dead is the new alive
Despair's the new survival
A pointless point of view
Give in, give in, give in, give in
You play the game
You'll never win

Dead is the new alive
Life's only living rival
A casket built for two
Give in, give in, give in, give in
You play the game
You'll never win

So take me now or take me never
I won't wait
You're already late
So say goodbye or say forever
Choose your fate
How else can we survive?
Dead is the new alive

Dead is the new alive
A Gothic play revival
The last act of the show
Give in, give in, give in, give in
You play the game
You never win

So take me now or take me never
I won't wait
You're already late
So say goodbye or say forever
Choose your fate
How else can we survive?
Dead is the new alive

What is a day without a blessed night?
And what is peace without a blessed fight?
What is a day without a blessed night?
And what is peace without a blessed, blessed, blessed fight?
A quick taste of the poison, a quick twist of the knife
When the obsession with death
The obsession with death becomes a way of life
A quick taste of the poison, a quick twist of the knife
When the obsession with death
The obsession with death becomes a way of life

Alive, alive alive
Oh oh oh oh oh
Alive, alive, alive
Oh oh oh oh oh
Alive, alive, alive
Oh oh oh oh oh
Alive, alive, alive
Oh oh oh oh oh
Dead is the new alive
Alive, alive alive
Dead is the new alive
Alive, alive alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
Dead is the new alive
(Dead is the new alive)

"Moundshroud" by Cinema Strange
Tom skeleton, it's time to have some fun! So grab your trick or treat, the day of the dead has begun!
Carapace and clavicle, Moundshroud takes you there!
Lady Egypt fascinate and gargoyles in the air!

Tommy-boy, eat your candy skull!
Tommy-boy, eat your candy skull!
Tommy-boy, eat your candy skull!
Tommy-boy, eat your candy skull!
Carapace! Clavicle! Carapace! Clavicle! Carapace! Clavicle! Carapace! Clavicle!

Instantaneous, intravenous fear in the moon-black suit!
You feel the wind and taste the leaves like dead-bone scattered loot!
Crack the best, your whip is the test... flee from Mummy's arms...
Under his knife, beware the scythe and Samhain's other charms!

"Coin Operated Boy" by The Dresden Dolls
Coin operated boy
Sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
But I turn him on and he comes to life
Automatic joy
That is why I want a coin operated boy

Made of plastic and elastic
He is rugged and long-lasting
Who could ever ever ask for more
Love without complications galore
Many shapes and weights to choose from
I will never leave my bedroom
I will never cry at night again
Wrap my arms around him and pretend....

Coin operated boy
All the other real ones that I destroy
Cannot hold a candle to my new boy and I'll
Never let him go and I'll never be alone [x2]
Not with my coin operated boy......

This bridge was written to make you feel smittener
With my sad picture of girl getting bitterer
Can you extract me from my plastic fantasy
I didn't think so but I'm still convincible
Will you persist even after I bet you
A billion dollars that I'll never love you
Will you persist even after I kiss you
Goodbye for the last time
Will you keep on trying to prove it?
I'm dying to lose it...
I'm losing... my confidence
I want it
I want you
I want a coin operated boy.

And if I had a star to wish on
For my life I cant imagine
Any flesh and blood could be his match
I can even take him in the bath

Coin operated boy
He may not be real experienced with girls
But I know he feels like a boy should feel
Isn't that the point that is why I want a
Coin operated boy
With his pretty coin operated voice
Saying that he loves me that hes thinking of me
Straight and to the point
That is why I want
A coin operated boy.

"Something Wicked (That Way Went)" by Vernian Process
Come and join our wild ride, the sideshow is in town!
With dancing bears and elephants, and certainly some clowns.
The greatest wonder of them all, a marvel to behold:
An Illustrated Man so dark, will own your very soul!

Something Wicked This Way Comes,
Something in the night!
Something Wicked That Way Went,
What an awful fright!
Something Wicked This Way Comes,
Something isn't right...
Something Wicked That Way Went,
Tempting you with...

Health and vigor, youth and strength,
We can make it so!
Join us on our carousel -
"Round and round you go!"
Anything your heart desires: make your riches grow,
Power, glory, love or lust, it's all part of the show!

As autumn leaves turn brown, and tumble to the ground,
You'll surely know the Shadow Show's in town!

In town!
In town!
The Shadow Show's in town!
Gather round!
Gather round!
We're coming to your town!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Have we got a special treat for you tonight:
Step right up and marvel at the Oldest Gypsy Witch.
Her eyes sewn shut, but she's not blind! She sees your every wish!

You there, what's your name?
I see! Step right in, for,

Something Wicked This Way Comes,
Something in the night!
Something Wicked That Way Went,
What an awful sight!
Something Wicked This Way Comes,
Something isn't right...
Something Wicked That Way Went,
Terror through the night!

Our ways are dark for some,
Our mysteries known to none!
But pay no mind,
The secrets we will

Secrets we will...
Secrets we will...
Secrets we will...

"The Fine Art of Poisoning" by Jill Tracy
It's quite an elaborate scheme
The fine art of poisoning
The dose to comatose
Slyly administered

Not for the frail of heart
The vengeful must play their part
A friend to the bitter end
Or so they say

Nice and slow
Misfortune will flow

Peril in the nursery
It seems a tainted pastry
One bite what a dreadful fright
She was such a delicate little dish

A pleasant parlour gathering
Quicksilver concealed in a ruby ring
Two lumps or three
I have always adored bergamot tea

Nice and slow
Misfortune will flow
But who will know?

"Vampire Empire" by Kristen Lawrence
Succulent biting and sucking to our desire
Forever mark the Vampire Empire.
Come have a taste of our vicious kisses
Then drink, awake to the pulsing blood where bliss is.

Undead, un-reflected, seeking a neck to bite,
We shun the sun and hark the dark night.
Don’t cross us or pointed words from our lips
Will stab your gloat – and throat – ending in dripping sips.

Garlic or our lick? Will sticky blood be your pick?
Drains by Romanian fangs are quick.
Sharpen your smile and, while midnight dancing with us,
Chase lushly the blush of Eternal Spring.

O Pain, depart from me!
I must be Edgar Allan Poe's reincarnated being. My life's as terrible as his.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Non-Goths Dating Goths

It's nice seeing non-Goths dating Goths. I can't say anything more. Sometimes though, the differences in interests, subcultures, or lifestyles can lead to awkward or terrible situations. So to my non-Goth readers, here are some advice from a Goth who has been pissed off once or twice during dates.

DO's and DON'Ts

ONE - DO try researching the subculture yourself.
I know it sometimes can feel good when one is asked to define or describe what one loves, but sometimes it can be really annoying.

Guy: Hmmmm, you like being Gothic, huh?
Me: Uhh.. Yes?
Guy: So what really is Goth?
Me: (Rolls eyes, fakes a smile, thinks of shortest answer) Punks that like uhh.. horror. (hopes he gets it)
Guy: Oh, so that explains why you wear black a lot.
Me: Uhh.. Yes?
Guy: Isn't that like, Emo?
Me: *frowns* (In head: Can I kill you now?)

TWO - DON'T forget that the person you're dating is Goth.
 On a date with a model.
Me: -Text message-  
Uhh, dude, I'm wearing black like usual. I look as weird as I am everyday.
Guy: -Text message-
It's fine <3
*Meets each other*
Guy: Hey. *smiles*
Me: *smiles*
Guy: (utterly shocked) Oh my -- what is THAT you're wearing?! Why're you in that -- oh my God.
Me: (In head: Can I go home now?)

I mean, I only wore a casual black dress, a black cardigan, black tights, and black ballet flats.

THREE - If you're giving them presents, DO give them what they like.
I know this is pretty obvious.. Cross pendants, band shirts, band CDs, black roses, chokers, Gothic novels.. You gotta know.

FOUR - If you want him/her to meet your parents, DO PREPARE for it.
Let's face it. Most non-Goths normally find Goths weird, scary, or evil. So flaunt his/her assets to your parents first and ask your darkling if it's okay to tone down the look a bit on the day. Better safe than sorry.

FIVE - DO Listen to some of our music.
Maybe you'll like it! And we appreciate it a lot if you do. ♥

SIX - DON'T expect them to wear black all the time.
Like if we're in our t-shirts and sweatpants at home. Or we're told to wear white because it's Christmas. I know most of you will say, "You look better when you dress uhh.. normal." OUCH.

What to avoid saying
SEVEN - Avoid saying "Why not dress up like most people?" 
In a department store.
Guy: Why not try those styles most girls wear nowadays?
Me: . . .
Guy: Like.. *points to a mannequin* THAT! See that mannequin? With all the sexy hair, the feminine outfit--


EIGHT - Avoid saying "Why not be normal?"
So you mean we're ABNORMAL? Of course not. Sighs. Then again we're just normal people with different interests.

NINE - Avoid saying "But I thought Goths were..."
Do not generalize Goths. Although the people in the subculture have interests that fall under the same category, each of them still has different views, personalities, characteristics, and attitudes.

TEN - Avoid saying "Everyone seems to be looking at you.. Don't you find it awkward?"

Amy Asphodel and boyfriend again! I love this pair. [source]
Oh well! Hope this helped. Haha. You guys got your dates yet? :p

So You Have A Non-Goth Crush?

So you think you're too weird to get a date from that cutie you've been eying on since then, and it might feel awkward when you're all Goth'd up and head-turning if ever you DO get a chance to date him/her (and you think if it's even possible in the first place)?

Well, actually it isn't really impossible at all, and it isn't even shocking when it does happen. I have read and seen a lot of real-life Goth and non-Goth lovers and couples all over the internet, and I've even experienced all this mushy stuff myself since I've never met a Goth guy yet (that explains it xD)

So I guess this is gonna be for those who haven't been into this kind of thing before because they could either be too scared or hesitant to even try.

BEFORE I DO BEGIN though, let me tell you one thing:
If you're already friends with your crush, everything's gonna be easier, 'cause if not, the whole introduction thing and all the embarrassing teasing your friends are gonna do to you will really feel awkward. You gotta go through a lot if you aren't friends yet. But anyhoo, I'll still try to help you darklings out eitherway. ^w^

1) I got a feeling these all won't work ALL THE TIME.
2) This is just based from experience, an attempt to help *bites black-polished nails *
3) If you're a shy and quiet type of person, it's gonna be difficult for you. Q.O

The two first steps to do

STEP ONE - Doll up. Tone down shock factor a bit.
Remember, a non-Goth doesn't really get what Goth is about. You wouldn't want to scare them away, would you? So look better to catch his/her attention. Try to look through a non-Goth's eyes and decide which part in your appearance or outfit you should tweak. Don't change your entire self, just look better.

STEP TWO - Show them an awesome Goth.
Like I said, you gotta look good, but not just in appearance. Show them what you're good at! Get in the dean's list, or present onstage when you get the chance! This will surely make them notice you, or better yet, ADMIRE you.

If you're already friends..

STEP THREE - Taaaaalk and act naturally.
NO -- never let that person know that you have feelings for him/her yet. DON'T give them bashful hints. DON'T act shy around them, 'cause if you do, you might freak them out. Talk just like the way you talk with your friends, and DON'T say anything weird or stupid like, "Don't worry, I'm always here for you." YET. When a guy tells me that during the first few hours we met, I'd even grimace, roll my eyes, and get bored.

STEP FOUR - Raise your relationship bar up slowly.
Be the kind of friends wherein you get to exchange Hi5s whenever you meet each other in the hallway, tease or joke with each other whenever you talk, keep secrets and laugh about each other's weirdness, and spend time with each other's friends when you're both free. So you're asking how? TALK! Find great excuses that could spark a conversation like
  • "Hey did you get that whole sine-cosine thingy this morning?"
  • "Would you mind telling me the chords of this song?"
  • "Hey, do you know where room 346 is?"
  • "Can I borrow a pen?"
  • "Yo! It's you again! What's up?"
Be as creative and pleasant as possible. At night, send them text messages if you got their number. Keep doing all the friendly stuff until you both become really close. By the way, don't overdo it or else they're gonna smell something fishy.

STEP FIVE - Try making them curious when you're sad or depressed.
When a big, tear-jerking problem hits you, make them ask you what's wrong. Stare into space, or give them a weak smile. Since they're used to you being all friendly and fun, they're gonna go like, "Yo, what's up? You're suddenly all quiet." When you both get through a problem together, it's gonna be a better and closer friendship the next day.

STEP SIX - A little more than month later, give them the hints.
When you're together, SMILE. A LOT. Nothing's more surprising to a non-Goth's eyes than a cheerful Goth. Be concerned with what they're doing and show them you're worried when something's wrong. So why a little more than a month later? Because it's better when you don't take things too fast when it comes to relationships.

STEP 7A - For guys: Ask her out.
Go on, idiot!
STEP 7B - For girls: Wait.
Don't be the one to ask him or else you'll seem desperate. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but this is what I'm used to. Cultural norms, I guess.

If you aren't friends yet..

STEP THREE - Eye contact technique!
Usually works! But not ALL the time (The adverbs usually and always are different). If you give them eye contacts, there are 4 possibilities.
  • They look away.
    - Either they're too shy, or they're not even interested.
  • They hold on the gaze for a split second, then look away.
    - Most probably just shy.
  • They stare back.
    - Could be because they're interested in you, or you're cute, or there's just something on your face.
  • They stare back PLUS they smile subtly.
    - RARELY happens, but this is a good sign! ^w^♥

STEP FOUR - Do the stalking in social networking sites.
Ahhhh, Facebook. Where would I be without it? Yeah, ADD them. If they accept your friend request, try to see if they post stuff that are to your liking too and comment on the post. (e.g. a song from a band you also like. Comment: "You like [band name] too? Cool! Have you tried listening to [song title]? It's my favorite [band name] song!") If they ignore your friend request, go back to step 3. xD

STEP FIVE - Become their friend through FB.
No, not just a Facebook friend, but A FRIEND. Chat with them. Comment on their posts or photos. This step could sometimes determine if you really wanna give them a go. Being their friend makes you know them more: if you both got a lot of stuff in common, and if you guys make a good pair. Ask for their number once you guys get kinda close (you could also always make up an alibi for asking) or wait for them to do so.

STEP SIX - Say "hi" personally!
Do it! Or instead of saying "Hi", you could also smile! It gives them the impression that you're a nice and approachable person. If you greet them, they'll find it less awkward to communicate more with you. Don't wait for them to do the first move. If you get the chance, don't lose it!

STEP SEVEN - Keep this up until you both become good friends.
Now that you've said hi, smiled, chatted, and talked to them even for just a lil while, the awkwardness and shyness will disappear. Although it's gonna feel really giddy and thrilling being with them, befriending them will again, make you know them better and will determine if your feelings were real or just plain attraction. Also, by now, if they haven't asked for your number, they soon will.

Amy Asphodel and her boyfriend! [source]

Hope I helped! xD Tell me if I did! ^w^

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poem Post: "The Blackened Rose"

I'm basking under the heavy shade of hate for betrayal :x Composed an hour ago.
I'm proud to finally have written a poem that has rhythm in it! :D I was also inspired by William Blake's "The Sick Rose" as I wrote this. :'>

The Blackened Rose


Their petals once blushed, once gleamed, once glistened
Their pink heads once swayed when blown and christened
with liquid so sweet, so safe, it moistened
the once solid ground their color sweetened.

Her thorns once found thorns that welcomed her own.
Her brilliance -- a beaut -- once entered their tones
of lightness like laughter in hues enthroned
up on the field where this rose had once grown.

O woeful fate, why did color leave her?
Her bloodless cheeks soon started to wither.
Had their thorns that welcomed her own -- prick her?
Did worms that intrude suck life and water?

Now dark and now wrinkled just like a prune,
had thorns made her shed sad drops of dew?
Had worms watching then eaten her too?
Dry petals now laid on chilled ground wind blew.

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Painting Post: "You Threw Us Away"

After watching Toy Story 3 years ago, this is what I came up with.

There never has been anything ugly.
One just never appreciated their beauty.

 Please ask for permission if ever you wanna use this! :3

Poem Post: "The Soul in the Doll"

Here I am with another poem freshly composed from minutes ago. :3

Since it's February and I'm told to participate in another Poetry Reading session for the English month, this poem is about betrayal and love so intense that it haunts both the betrayer and the reader. Inspired by Emilie Autumn's Gothic Lolita, I wrote this with dolls, rape, insanity, horror, and blood in mind. Underlying meanings and symbolism, like all poems, are present and fragrant beneath the dark lines and stanzas.

This will be the poem I will present for the Poetry Reading on the week after next, and I'm planning to CosPlay as Suigintou (from Rozen Maiden) since she's an evil doll and she's on my CosPlay list (number 2, to be exact).

Warning: Poem may contain deeply disturbing content for some readers.

The Soul in the Doll


O John, how I loved thee with all my heart!
A priceless companion, a blessing thou art.
Youth galloped with us through moor and heather,
Thine embrace I thirst, thy presence I hunger.

Thy love my breath, and thy laughter my soul;
Through feuds we endured, through summer, through fall.
My heart was yours, my destiny tied with thee,
O John why didst thy heart drink treachery?

Thy hands found another's, thy lust removed me;
Purity she hath poisoned, a snake was she!
Right in front of mine eyes, swerved Betrayal;
Trust bade me farewell, still I stayed loyal.

Thy desires still I fed, though how intense.
I swallowed thy coldness, wrongs and wishes.
Alas! Thy lust soon impaled my innocence
with bottles, bludgeons, broomsticks and brushes.

A scent of alcohol... sight of a saw...
Then pain... numbing pain... an evil guffaw,
scattered limbs, ruby pools and manic power;
merciless, suddenness, no time to cower.

The bleeding heart torn between love and pain,
I'm screaming for the love I lost in vain.
Thus a hundred centuries and three scores,
I chose to stay behind his dirty doors.

Crimson in nightmares, along halls I crawl,
With his descendants I live as a doll,
For John dear, O John dear, this feeling's true,
Thy bloodline I hold close, for I love you.

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3

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