Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Otaku Fest 2013

 Warning: Picture heavy! xD

Hiya bats! Four days ago, I attended a CosPlay event and I had loads of fun there. I invited a friend last month to come with me and I promised her I'll be the one to take care of the makeup and the boots and socks and I'll help her find a costume. Well, then again whenever I'd invite a friend to go to CosPlays with me, I'd always do anything for them just so they'd accompany me. Anyhoo, it's been a while since I've posted pictures of me hasn't it? And it's been a while since I CosPlayed (last time was during Halloween last year). So here are some photos! :D Click read more to see full post xD The post is pretty long, you know.

Before I forget, I'd like to express my utmost gratitude to a friend who went with us to the event to take pictures and have fun with us! Lots of love, Kim! xx ♥

FEBRUARY 16, 2013

me and Iron Man! :D we look so good together. ♥ muhehehehehe

i love her costume! ♥

the cast of Peter Pan! xD

Kagome and Inuyasha! They're so sweeet. Look at their hands. I bet the CosPlayers are lovers themselves. ♥



look at her corsetttt! damn. She looks like a dark cabaret artist, doesn't she? ♥

there were a lot of lil CosPlayers that went to the event! they're soo cute ♥

snack time! Hihihihi. Eatin' sandwiches ♥

gorgeous costumes! :3
it's my friend's mom! hahaha

look at the lil doggie! :3



it's a friend I met in CosPlays! she's really friendly.
She owns the white wig I'm wearin.
look at it! It's Usopp from One Piece, my fave anime! ♥

We met our college department's governor in the event!

refreshments! Zagu ♥ I love the flavor I bought.
Creme Brulee. It tastes like flans xD

I love their outfits! ♥

i just HATE this southeast Asian nose! -.-

she's sooo cute~! ♥

she looks Goth! xD ♥

look at these costumes! ♥

I know, I know, it's blurry :((

look! it's from the same anime my friend's cosplaying! :3
Vampire Knight. ♥

muhehehehe! It's the university's popular icon/statue! :D
muhehehehehehe xD

changed back into my clothes by 5:30 PM :D

changed back into my clothes by 5:30 PM :D

I HATE IT, I'M SO TAN! argh >.<

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Sorry if it's really full of pictures and if it took too long for everything to load or if it made your browser run so slow.. Sorry :D xD
 Next event will be on March 3rd. I hope I can make it there! :D 


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