Sunday, February 3, 2013

Poem Post: "The Soul in the Doll"

Here I am with another poem freshly composed from minutes ago. :3

Since it's February and I'm told to participate in another Poetry Reading session for the English month, this poem is about betrayal and love so intense that it haunts both the betrayer and the reader. Inspired by Emilie Autumn's Gothic Lolita, I wrote this with dolls, rape, insanity, horror, and blood in mind. Underlying meanings and symbolism, like all poems, are present and fragrant beneath the dark lines and stanzas.

This will be the poem I will present for the Poetry Reading on the week after next, and I'm planning to CosPlay as Suigintou (from Rozen Maiden) since she's an evil doll and she's on my CosPlay list (number 2, to be exact).

Warning: Poem may contain deeply disturbing content for some readers.

The Soul in the Doll


O John, how I loved thee with all my heart!
A priceless companion, a blessing thou art.
Youth galloped with us through moor and heather,
Thine embrace I thirst, thy presence I hunger.

Thy love my breath, and thy laughter my soul;
Through feuds we endured, through summer, through fall.
My heart was yours, my destiny tied with thee,
O John why didst thy heart drink treachery?

Thy hands found another's, thy lust removed me;
Purity she hath poisoned, a snake was she!
Right in front of mine eyes, swerved Betrayal;
Trust bade me farewell, still I stayed loyal.

Thy desires still I fed, though how intense.
I swallowed thy coldness, wrongs and wishes.
Alas! Thy lust soon impaled my innocence
with bottles, bludgeons, broomsticks and brushes.

A scent of alcohol... sight of a saw...
Then pain... numbing pain... an evil guffaw,
scattered limbs, ruby pools and manic power;
merciless, suddenness, no time to cower.

The bleeding heart torn between love and pain,
I'm screaming for the love I lost in vain.
Thus a hundred centuries and three scores,
I chose to stay behind his dirty doors.

Crimson in nightmares, along halls I crawl,
With his descendants I live as a doll,
For John dear, O John dear, this feeling's true,
Thy bloodline I hold close, for I love you.

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3

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