Saturday, February 23, 2013

Echoes of the Heart

FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Hi bats! As promised, I'll be posting pictures from the various events, contests, and programs I've been involved in during this month.

The following set of pictures took place during Valentines day! Since it's the English month, several programs are being held, featuring poems, plays, declamations, postermaking contests, extemporaneous speeches, and the like. Echoes of the Heart is a program that showcases Poetry Reading performances by English majors in the university. The pieces read were written by the poetry readers themselves. :3 This took place last February 14, and I was asked to be one of the emcees! :> That's pretty surprising since I'm still a freshman ^w^ Aside from being the emcee though, I was also a poetry reader. I could have also presented a dance together with other freshmen if I didn't refuse. xD 

You could just imagine all the rehearsing I had to go through just for that day. O.o Doesn't matter, nothing's exhausting as long as you're happy with what you're doing! ♥ Aside from Art being my drive, I'm also happy doing all this because I'm showing people that Goths shouldn't be underestimated and looked down upon! ^w^

PS: Don't fret. There aren't much pictures. xD There are only 4, in fact. Hahahaha. I'll be adding more if I'd find some on Facebook. These are the only pictures I happened to find so far.

PPS: Yes, it's the same costume. D'oh. :/

*pita* MOEEEE~! x'D kyaaa. doki doki doki doki dokkun DON! niko niko. gaku gaku :'3 JIIIIIIIN!
muhehehehehehe xD
 *clears throat* Pardon me for the sudden outburst of Japanese onomatopoeic words. Hahahahahaha :">
Have a batty day, bats! ^w^


  1. Hurray for the sound effects!
    I hope your performance went well! I'm sure most people tasted your awesome Poe-ish antics! :D

    1. Hahahaha. Yeshh. I couldn't help but let out those "sound effects" because of the guy next to me. Kyaaa. xD :'>
      Anyways! Yeah, the performance and emceeing were great, the professors and upperclassmen said. They say they didn't expect it from a freshman O.o They told me the poem was dark and deep. One Senior even asked me if I see ghosts or if I'm just into the supernatural. xD :3


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