Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poem Post: "The Blackened Rose"

I'm basking under the heavy shade of hate for betrayal :x Composed an hour ago.
I'm proud to finally have written a poem that has rhythm in it! :D I was also inspired by William Blake's "The Sick Rose" as I wrote this. :'>

The Blackened Rose


Their petals once blushed, once gleamed, once glistened
Their pink heads once swayed when blown and christened
with liquid so sweet, so safe, it moistened
the once solid ground their color sweetened.

Her thorns once found thorns that welcomed her own.
Her brilliance -- a beaut -- once entered their tones
of lightness like laughter in hues enthroned
up on the field where this rose had once grown.

O woeful fate, why did color leave her?
Her bloodless cheeks soon started to wither.
Had their thorns that welcomed her own -- prick her?
Did worms that intrude suck life and water?

Now dark and now wrinkled just like a prune,
had thorns made her shed sad drops of dew?
Had worms watching then eaten her too?
Dry petals now laid on chilled ground wind blew.

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3


  1. William Blake...
    Have you tried reading his whole work of "Songs of Innocence and of Experience"?
    I was introduced to his poem, "The Tyger" at school.

    1. yes! last tuesday :>
      it was taught and shared in my major subject. our professor read to us william blake's "Little Lamb" and "The Sick Rose" and we interpreted them together ♥ his poems are sooo meaningful ^w^


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