Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Trip to Argao for our Horror Documentary

Went against my parents prohibition of travelling to far away places. Mom actually gave me a painful lecture when I asked her permission for the trip.

This documentary is actually a school project for our Information and Communication Technology course. The documentary is about some spooky places and stories in Argao, a province in Cebu that celebrates its fiesta on St. Michael the Archangel's feast day, September 29. We went to two haunted schools, and one reportedly haunted cemetery. The original plan was supposed to be 7 haunted places, it was lessened to 5, then finally to 3 due to lack of time. We shot the documentary only 5 days (September 27 and 28) before the deadline! I still have to edit the whole thing, think about it!

My groupmates. SOME of my groupmates. Hahaha

The whole place was awesome.

Argao's delicacy! Nomnom ♥
I'm gonna post the link to the video next. Please DO watch. It got a perfect rating, and we got exempted from our final exams because of this! :D Can't say it's THAT good though, but why not give it a look-see? :3

Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Letters ♥

Jetherine designed all these, one by one, and all my friends wrote in them :'3 I almost cried that night ♥

Finally Legal! My 18th Birthday

My adolescent years are over. I'm now a young adult. I may now be hired to work for someone I don't even know. But guess what?

I still wanna ride carousels and hold balloons. I still like Pokemon, and prefer films by Dreamworks and Disney. I still like pig tails and hair clips, and I don't care how annoyed people get when I laugh too hard or scream too much. I think I'm a princess locked up in a tower, and was rescued by a knight in shining armor named Michael.

I still dream of Wonderland, Hogwarts, Neverland, and Emerald City, and wish I had the Force and owned a light saber. And man, how I wish I'd learn Firebending and Bloodbending!

So what if I'm 18? :>

Because debuts are so MAINSTREAM, not to mention IMPRACTICAL, I decided to celebrate my natal day FIVE DAYS in a row, the last day being my birthday.

You don't need those pink roses and candles, old-fashioned dances, extravagant meals and venues, and that humongous cake to celebrate being legal if you're just CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL enough! ^w^

I made some spaghetti for all my friends in school (DANG, THE SAUCE WASN'T ENOUGH! :/), represented BA English Literature for the opening parade of the university Intramurals, and went out on a date with my better half ♥

Our classroom was turned into a Karaoke Booth :D My birthday's actually the first day of
our university Intramurals :3


Sure was a tiring birthday.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebration 4: Gurlfriends ♥

I hadn't been hanging out with my high school friends since; the busy and conflicting schedules have been keeping me away from them for quite a long time already. So I decided to spend my last pre-birthday celebration with them. Sadly, because of busy and conflicting schedules AGAIN, only two made it </3 Oh well, at least I still happened to celebrate it with people I'd been missing badly.

The Terraces, Ayala ♥


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebration 3: Club Ultima Escapade

My mom decided to bring the whole family to Club Ultima for my birthday. I didn't take a swim though. I didn't want some sunlight and a tan. Instead, I just had a sweaty hour at the gym to shed some calories! XD

The food was great, I was stuffed, making me think the calories I got from the meals were the same calories I burned from the treadmill.

The whole place and experience made me feel like I was a millionaire for the whole day.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre-Birthday Celebration 1: Black Thursday

My brother has been promising me since the start of September that he'll treat me dinner and take me to a salon for my birthday. It's pretty much the same as last year, but this time, he tagged his girlfriend along. That means more talk and cuteness hahahaha -- gotta say his girlfriend's really adorable, with her little voice and size and gestures.

What made me happy was their surprise: BOTH OF THEM AGREED TO WEAR BLACK! FOR ME! Sadly, I was only wearing my uniform because it was a school day. I just rode to the mall after my classes.


I had a hearty meal, even more than filled, I can't even walk straight when we got up from our seats.

We headed to Annie's Spa & Salon next, where my brother treated me a deep facial cleansing. The pricking part made the night miserably memorable, It made me think that the United Nations haven't abolished Torture yet.

Loved the birthday treat. Sure did released happy hormones inside. Thanks bro! ♥

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Baby Bat: A Progress Report

Why this post is all scrapbook-ish? I was just.. bored.
Made in Photoshop :3

Yes, she actually wanted a Gothic name hahahaha so I just looked for some
Gothic name generator online xD

Full story of the discovery: 

I was bored.
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