Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Trip to Argao for our Horror Documentary

Went against my parents prohibition of travelling to far away places. Mom actually gave me a painful lecture when I asked her permission for the trip.

This documentary is actually a school project for our Information and Communication Technology course. The documentary is about some spooky places and stories in Argao, a province in Cebu that celebrates its fiesta on St. Michael the Archangel's feast day, September 29. We went to two haunted schools, and one reportedly haunted cemetery. The original plan was supposed to be 7 haunted places, it was lessened to 5, then finally to 3 due to lack of time. We shot the documentary only 5 days (September 27 and 28) before the deadline! I still have to edit the whole thing, think about it!

My groupmates. SOME of my groupmates. Hahaha

The whole place was awesome.

Argao's delicacy! Nomnom ♥
I'm gonna post the link to the video next. Please DO watch. It got a perfect rating, and we got exempted from our final exams because of this! :D Can't say it's THAT good though, but why not give it a look-see? :3

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