Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pre-Birthday Surprise: A Candlelit Dinner ♥

September 2, 2013
Ian Roy has been my best friend ever since I started going through puberty. And since then, my life started to change. With Ian Roy, everyday seemed to be another adventure.

I have the best-est best friend ever. It was supposed to be just some movie night on a random school day with his loud young aunt Shiela and my boyfriend Michael. Who would've thought a romantic surprise was well-planned?

Ian and Michael are just about the most random idiots in the world (but I think Ian is even more random, it's his field of expertise). They just met, yet they've been calling each other the oddest names and insults on facebook or through texting at the most random times each day.

"You got a rotten face."
"Your face looks like a plant pot!"
"Your face looks like a frog's."
"Your FEET got molds and moss."
"YOUR FACE got molds and moss."
"Your face looks like a truck tire."
"Your face looks like a toilet!"
"Your face is made of mud!"
"Your mouth's got webs inside!"

But they never say a word to each other whenever the three of us are together. If either of them has something to say to one other, they say it THROUGH ME. So yeah, that's how weird and awkward it was. But add Ian's hilarious aunt Shiela to the picture, and it wouldn't be so bad.

Michael was actually just planning to go to Ian's house to borrow some DVDs, but considering the time and money it would take just to get there, I suggested watching a movie while we're there as well. AND since it's gonna take two hours to finish a movie, Ian said we'll just stay at his aunt's apartment and he'll offer us dinner.

Some time before MouseHunt was over, Ian went out, telling us he'll just go buy some food. But almost half an hour had passed since the credits rolled and he never got back. Michael and I started to get worried since it was already half past eight and it was a school day. We were both getting so worked up with what we're gonna say to our parents for going home late, when Ian Roy suddenly came in the room, saying, "Minxie, Michael, go up the rooftop, dinner's ready. I'll just catch up with you guys."

We weren't so surprised because we thought Shiela and him would just join us later. But when we got up the rooftop, we found a table for two. Only for TWO. Now THAT was when we got surprised. And the rooftop isn't just ANY rooftop. It was a balcony overlooking the city, sparkling and twinkling with all the lights at night. The glistening ocean and the dark mountains didn't seem so far either. Everything there that evening was unexpectedly beautiful. We stared at each other. Dumbfounded.

Shortly, Ian and his aunt came up, bringing all the utensils and food. MY BEST FRIEND WAS WEARING A CHEF'S FULL UNIFORM. I found it funny but I decided to shake it off because he worked so hard for the surprise. xD The table was elegantly set: ceramic plates, kitchenware, glasses and some flowers.

Michael and I didn't know what to say. As Ian lit the candle, I asked him, "What the hell has gotten into you? What brick hit your head?"

"It's almost your birthdayyyyyyyy. Don't you like it? :D"

I.. couldn't say anything.

Me and Shiela :3 I feel so bad sitting next to someone who has all that porcelain skin D':

Ian Roy hahahahahaha

Me, Michael and Ian :3
Yeah. I think I have the best-est best friend ever.


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