Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally Legal! My 18th Birthday

My adolescent years are over. I'm now a young adult. I may now be hired to work for someone I don't even know. But guess what?

I still wanna ride carousels and hold balloons. I still like Pokemon, and prefer films by Dreamworks and Disney. I still like pig tails and hair clips, and I don't care how annoyed people get when I laugh too hard or scream too much. I think I'm a princess locked up in a tower, and was rescued by a knight in shining armor named Michael.

I still dream of Wonderland, Hogwarts, Neverland, and Emerald City, and wish I had the Force and owned a light saber. And man, how I wish I'd learn Firebending and Bloodbending!

So what if I'm 18? :>

Because debuts are so MAINSTREAM, not to mention IMPRACTICAL, I decided to celebrate my natal day FIVE DAYS in a row, the last day being my birthday.

You don't need those pink roses and candles, old-fashioned dances, extravagant meals and venues, and that humongous cake to celebrate being legal if you're just CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL enough! ^w^

I made some spaghetti for all my friends in school (DANG, THE SAUCE WASN'T ENOUGH! :/), represented BA English Literature for the opening parade of the university Intramurals, and went out on a date with my better half ♥

Our classroom was turned into a Karaoke Booth :D My birthday's actually the first day of
our university Intramurals :3


Sure was a tiring birthday.

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