Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Filipino Lenten Season :D


Hi bats! Ima post something not Goth-related for now. Today's Black Saturday, Lent is almost over, and I just feel like sharing to the world how the people in the country I live in observe it. Almost all Filipinos are Roman Catholic (blame it to the Spaniards who colonized us for 3 centuries), a religion that has been molding us here into a prayerful, conservative, and strict kind of people. Here are some customs that range from peacefully solemn to strangely gory. O.o

This post is pretty long. Click Read more to read it :3

21 Ways To Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity

Found this just around cyberspace! :D Hope this makes you smile! xD

1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don’t disguise your voice.

3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.

4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it “IN”.

5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, switch to espresso.

6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "For Smuggling Diamonds”.

7. Finish all your sentences with “In Accordance With The Prophecy”.

8) Dont use any punctuation and type in lowercase or UPPERCASE LETTERS

9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk.

10. Order a diet water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

11. Specify that your drive-through order is “To Go”.

12. Sing along at the Opera.

13. Go to a poetry recital. Ask why the poems don’t rhyme.

14. Put mosquito netting around your work area and play tropical sounds all day.

15. Five days in advance, tell your friends you can’t attend their party because you’re not in the mood.

16. Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, Rock Bottom.

17. When the money comes out the ATM, scream “I Won! I Won!”

18. When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot, yelling “Run for your lives! They’re loose!”

19. Tell your children over dinner, “Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go.”

20. Go to the fitting rooms with a packet of condoms and say you would like to fit it.

21. And, the final way to keep a healthy level of insanity... Tell everyone that you read about this from the acoustic version of Bach.

Have an insane day, bats! xx

Tale of Woe: Olive Skin :(

Wait a second. I think I've gone a tad bit too narcissistic. O.O

I'm not the first person to notice that the Western preference for a glowing, golden tan is exactly reversed in much of the East. I, for one, grimaced when I saw an ad of a tanning lotion in an American magazine my aunt who's living in the U.S. gave us. It led me to wonder why they're advertising tanning products when women in my country spend much on whitening products and prefer working and living in air-conditioned places to get away from the destructive heat. Almost everyone here wishes they were fair; most of us think people who have an ivory complexion, no matter how ugly they could be, are way more beautiful than the tan ones who have the looks. :|


In the Goth subculture -- let's not deny it -- pale skin is even more coveted, looked up to, and wished for; it builds self-confidence and is thought of as beautiful and usually necessary. The typical Goth wants a mushroom-like, ghastly pallor to beautifully contrast it to the dark clothing he wears. Goths want, no, NEED pale skin.

Tsk. Sighs.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Goth: More Than Just Style

My life, bats, is finally starting to fall into place. I found a purpose, a drive, a role, an inspiration, and my goals have become clearer than ever and nearer at the moment. My being ambitious began when I saw the essence of the subculture and the aesthetic that made it a thing of beauty. Indeed, finding solace and identity in this subculture made my life meaningful and worthwhile. I'm very happy to be a Goth; to be fearless, confident, appreciative, and strong; to see the world as more than what it is, to be allergic to the candy-coated light that catches normal people off-guard as it blinds them from the natural existence of pain and sorrow.

My long daily reflections and thoughts on life in the bathroom (LOL) molded me and my way of thinking through the years; it had me thinking deeply and thoroughly about things: how I'm doing, what I'm doing, what I'm going through, and who I'm changing into. All this pondering and mental journeys made me realize how being Goth played a big part in my life; it became a part of me, it became my character. It, therefore, couldn't just be about the flanging guitar effects, repetitive drum beats, and gloomy melodies. There's more to it than rips, fishnets, corsets, and boots. Debatable as this mostly had been, Goth, to me, has become an Art, a lifestyle, and a mindset, for beneath the wild, grievous, desolate lyrics of Goth songs, lies an attempt to reveal the dreadful reality the world has been hiding from the people. Beneath the dominant color and the dresses, vests, and stockings, is an imaginative and reflective mind.

I have known many individuals who already have grandchildren and are still Goth. If Goth is just a fad, a style, or a preference in music, then why did these respectable people GROW OLD WITH IT, not GROW OUT OF IT?

Seeing how affective the subculture has been to me, I proudly conclude that Goth is more than just style! ♥

le me at 16, when I had that v-fringe. O.o

We are all entitled to our own opinions! Just so you bats know, I'm more of a Romantic Goth, meaning I dwell on the sensual, poetic, emotional, and dreamy side of the subculture.. explains why I see Goth as such. :3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Year's Over, Summer's On!

This is my 100th blog post. 
[Insert Spongebob meme: NOBODY CARES!] HAHAHAHA

Let me destroy your dashboard with this no-good picture!
Muhehehehe xD

Yoohoo! I haven't posted in over two weeks because of all the stressful work that school bombarded upon me. I mean, believe it or not (believe me anyway), all the school projects have been mercilessly allowing me to sleep by 4 or 5 at dawn, and waking me up at 7:30AM. How cruel is that?

But anyhoo, I survived the walk to Calvary and have finally risen from the grave with brand new shining plans in order to redeem this blog and its followers from boredom. Resurrection has come! (Word referencing brought about by the Holy Week.) Since summer vacation's finally here and I'll be having all the time I want, I might be posting my college chronicles this week, my ever-envisioned DIYs and videos for the next two months, some lists of whimsy, more of my annoying outfit posts, and.. well.. Anything. As always.

As of the moment, I'm bracing myself for the upcoming annual seasonal disaster. I love the free time and the lazy days of summer, but I sure do hate the exaggeration of temperature. Sighs. I just wish I could hibernate the whole season. T.T

Oh well, to sum it up, roll your eyes 'cause I'm baaaaaaack! ♥

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cebuano Goths, Here I Come!

I've been attending CosPlay events for 2 years now, been Goth -- and isolated -- for more than 3 years (shocked? xD), and just last month, I've finally had 2 Goth friends, and learned from one of them that there are Cebuanos out there who were once Goths yet they "quit because of the rarity of nourishment for the subculture in the country." That Goth friend also told me about Goths in Komikon 2011 passing out secret inviations to Goth-looking people to a music and tea party held in one of the Victorian-inspired houses in Manila. Just recently, I also watched this Wave Gotik Treffen video and got very inspired.

Perhaps, by now, you already know what I'm thinking.

Yes, bats, if not one Goth around here has ever thought of putting up a Goth meetup or event, then I, together with the Filipino Goth friends I've gathered, will organize the first one in Cebu. I mean, if CosPlayers and Otaku's meet up and dress up however they want in CosPlay events, why not put up an event for Goths too? My ideas range from just tranquil tea parties to extravagant fashion shows; from dinners and Victorian picnics to gigs, jams, and parties.

Events like these are very important for the tiny Goth scene in the Philippines. Having them even just annually will surely make the Goth population here grow little by little. Non-Goths will then know that such subculture exists, and will soon not get so freaked out when they meet a guy who's dressed up as one walking down the street. The probability of mistaking us as Emo's or Antichrist's will lower down too. HOPEFULLY!

I'm planning to have it held on one of the Halloweens or World Goth Days to come. For the mean time, me and my Goth friend in school are gonna save up bit by bit for it. I've been brainstorming means and ways to earn money these days. I already got a part-time job, yes, and I'm still gonna put up a business or two soon. My friend's gonna work this summer too.

I pray this'll happen! It's gonna be so much fun! ♥

DIY: Leotard-Turned-Goth-Top

GASP! I think I look like my mom O.o

 Got any unused leotards in your closet? :3 All you need is scissors for this.
This is how I simply did it.

ONE - Get that leotard.

TWO - Cut along these lines.

THREE - Wear it.

Outfit of the Day: "Initiation Rituals"

This isn't exactly what I wore to the office. Yes, I got a part-time job :> I just felt like wearing the boots, eyeliner, and the extensions for the pictures. Hahahaha. xD

"Hi! I'm on top a chair! HAHAHAHAHA So what? :p"

Just so you know, this is how you gotta dress in a tropical, Catholic country. In fact, this outfit is even WAY TOO stylish... Tsk.

A top that says "Initiation rituals".


Me, my messy room, and my crappy editing skills.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outfit of the Day: "Defy the Crowd"

It's been pretty long since I've written an outfit post, huh? xD This is what I wore before and after the cosplay event today. :3 It's pretty simple. I usually post casual, tropical weather-friendly Goth outfits as suggestions and advice for the hidden Goths in the country, since one does not simply wear boots, coats, stockings, many piercings, and fishnets here. Goths from outside the country might think this outfit is too simple, but guess what? Filipinos here think I look terribly weird already! xD


meh :|

C.E.B.U. Computer Exhibit

Today.. was epic. It was good since I went to the event with my Goth friend and I cosplayed as Emily the Strange AGAIN. Bad because of.. a lot of things.

I left my paper bag in the Public Utility Jeepney. Inside that paper bag were my shoes, my umbrella, and my sister's boots. We tried to run after the jeep but it was already speeding way far ahead. I had to buy another pair of boots for my sister so she won't suspect I borrowed it and lost it, but it was already getting dark and late, all the stores were closed. My Goth friend started getting dizzy, and her mom's been calling her. And I know for sure, I'm gonna get reprimanded for goin' home late and my sister's gonna kill me.

Anyhoo, here are some pictures. :3

Me cosplaying as Emily the Strange. Pictures, finally! :>

Thou shalt not look at the nose. >.< I fckin hate this nose. Arghhhh. -_-

 Click read more to view all photos. :>

Lé Me: Isolated No More!

No, I won't be changing this blog's name. I think it's better if it stays that way. Now that I'm not "isolated" anymore, this blog would be about.. Wait. Maybe I WILL be changing the blog's name after all. O.o

Goth in School

Me as Emily the Strange.

She has been in the same major classes with me the whole sem. She's pale, FOR REAL: a very uncommon sight when you're in this country. At times, she wore heavy eyeliner on her lower lids and, knowing I love dark-themed genres, told me about her enthusiasm for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles often. This girl soon piqued my interests and had me asking two weeks ago if she knows about the subculture.

"Hey, hi. Know what? Maybe you're a Goth." I suddenly told her as I stuffed my pen and binder to my bag. "Do you know what 'Goth' is, by the way?"

"Uhh, Edgar Allan Poe's... works? Err.. Gothic writers? People who like dark literature?"

Oh. I thought. She doesn't even know the subculture exists. "Uhh, no, no, not exactly," I picked up my bag. "There's more to it than just E.A. Poe enthusiasts."

She nodded interestedly.

"I strongly recommend you to look it up on the web and see if the fashion, art, and music appeal to you."

"Okay," she smiled politely. "I'll try researching it this afternoon."

"Great!" I grinned. Thoughts of me going to the public library with her, visiting cemeteries with her, going on shopping with her, spending the afternoon listening to Inkubus Sukkubus with her, watching dark movies with her, and having nails colored black with her flooded my mind. It felt gravely gawsome. I mean, after all the wishing, longing, and searching, here she is now! xD

And guess what? Two days later, we were finally seen walking under the shade of my black umbrella as we shared her phone's headset because we were listening to Bela Lugosi's Dead. The feeling was.. indescribable. It was priceless.

From then on, I've been sharing what I know about the subculture to her. I gave her lists of websites and bands she should try Googling. She's been visiting my blog and researching since then! She calls me "My Mentor" and says she wants a Gothic name. Hahaha.

Just yesterday, I invited her to attend a CosPlay event with me because I want her to try dressing up. :D I'm gonna write a post about the CosPlay event we attended just this afternoon!

Goth at a CosPlay Event

My Goth friend from Caloocan was right. There ARE Goths in CosPlay events, though not much. If you've read my Otaku fest post and scanned through the pictures, you might remember this:

I said she looked like a dark cabaret artist, right?
Yes. You got that right. Though she doesn't label herself Goth, I know she obviously belongs to where I belong, considering the bands she listens to, and her preferences in fashion, literature, and art.

I found her on Facebook after the event, and I knew at that instant that I had to send her a message. We exchanged messages and guess what? We came up with a very brilliant among brilliant plan. Having watched a Wave Gotik Treffen video on Youtube that day, and having recently attended a CosPlay event, I started dreaming of organizing a gathering for Goths in Cebu! Her encouragement motivated me to realize the dream as soon as I can raise the money for it. She expressed her woe regarding some of her friends who used to be Goth but "quit because of the rarity of nourishment for the subculture in [the] country." Thus that very moment, I had a drive. To have learned that there have been people around here who were once Goths is enough for me to get inspired. I shall write a separate post about this as soon as I can. [Update: Here's the post! :>]

Truly, changing this blog's name has been bothering my mind now. Any suggestions? xD

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Sanity on Fire" Placed Second ♥

 Warning: Contains disturbing content. HAHAHA

MUHEHEHEHEHE >:D Yesh, that's me. HAHAHA
You ever seen a ghost with all this rebonded hair? xDD

Remember my declamation piece, bats? Yes, THAT! 
If you haven't seen the post, click here. 
Here are some UGLY photos of me performing it.

If I WANT this railing, then I WANT IT. Hahaha. I actually HAD to request for this railing to be carried on stage just for the performance! xD What a spoiled bitch xD


This is so horribly demented.

Bats, my performance placed second! ♥
People say my rating was just close to the first placer's. How blissful!

That's me and the first placer.

YEAH! :>
 Thanks to everyone who kept congratulating me! ♥ :'>

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