Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lé Me: Isolated No More!

No, I won't be changing this blog's name. I think it's better if it stays that way. Now that I'm not "isolated" anymore, this blog would be about.. Wait. Maybe I WILL be changing the blog's name after all. O.o

Goth in School

Me as Emily the Strange.

She has been in the same major classes with me the whole sem. She's pale, FOR REAL: a very uncommon sight when you're in this country. At times, she wore heavy eyeliner on her lower lids and, knowing I love dark-themed genres, told me about her enthusiasm for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles often. This girl soon piqued my interests and had me asking two weeks ago if she knows about the subculture.

"Hey, hi. Know what? Maybe you're a Goth." I suddenly told her as I stuffed my pen and binder to my bag. "Do you know what 'Goth' is, by the way?"

"Uhh, Edgar Allan Poe's... works? Err.. Gothic writers? People who like dark literature?"

Oh. I thought. She doesn't even know the subculture exists. "Uhh, no, no, not exactly," I picked up my bag. "There's more to it than just E.A. Poe enthusiasts."

She nodded interestedly.

"I strongly recommend you to look it up on the web and see if the fashion, art, and music appeal to you."

"Okay," she smiled politely. "I'll try researching it this afternoon."

"Great!" I grinned. Thoughts of me going to the public library with her, visiting cemeteries with her, going on shopping with her, spending the afternoon listening to Inkubus Sukkubus with her, watching dark movies with her, and having nails colored black with her flooded my mind. It felt gravely gawsome. I mean, after all the wishing, longing, and searching, here she is now! xD

And guess what? Two days later, we were finally seen walking under the shade of my black umbrella as we shared her phone's headset because we were listening to Bela Lugosi's Dead. The feeling was.. indescribable. It was priceless.

From then on, I've been sharing what I know about the subculture to her. I gave her lists of websites and bands she should try Googling. She's been visiting my blog and researching since then! She calls me "My Mentor" and says she wants a Gothic name. Hahaha.

Just yesterday, I invited her to attend a CosPlay event with me because I want her to try dressing up. :D I'm gonna write a post about the CosPlay event we attended just this afternoon!

Goth at a CosPlay Event

My Goth friend from Caloocan was right. There ARE Goths in CosPlay events, though not much. If you've read my Otaku fest post and scanned through the pictures, you might remember this:

I said she looked like a dark cabaret artist, right?
Yes. You got that right. Though she doesn't label herself Goth, I know she obviously belongs to where I belong, considering the bands she listens to, and her preferences in fashion, literature, and art.

I found her on Facebook after the event, and I knew at that instant that I had to send her a message. We exchanged messages and guess what? We came up with a very brilliant among brilliant plan. Having watched a Wave Gotik Treffen video on Youtube that day, and having recently attended a CosPlay event, I started dreaming of organizing a gathering for Goths in Cebu! Her encouragement motivated me to realize the dream as soon as I can raise the money for it. She expressed her woe regarding some of her friends who used to be Goth but "quit because of the rarity of nourishment for the subculture in [the] country." Thus that very moment, I had a drive. To have learned that there have been people around here who were once Goths is enough for me to get inspired. I shall write a separate post about this as soon as I can. [Update: Here's the post! :>]

Truly, changing this blog's name has been bothering my mind now. Any suggestions? xD


  1. I am so happy for you!!! It is pretty tough being on your own for so long. I completely understand.

    1. Awww thanks! It really feels good to find someone who shares the same interests! ♥

  2. just for additional info, she wore Zatanna's costume from DC Comic hero...

    1. Yes! I just knew about that a week after the event. Haha. The character's really interesting! I might just include Zatanna Zatara in my To-be-CosPlayed list! :3


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