Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tale of Woe: Olive Skin :(

Wait a second. I think I've gone a tad bit too narcissistic. O.O

I'm not the first person to notice that the Western preference for a glowing, golden tan is exactly reversed in much of the East. I, for one, grimaced when I saw an ad of a tanning lotion in an American magazine my aunt who's living in the U.S. gave us. It led me to wonder why they're advertising tanning products when women in my country spend much on whitening products and prefer working and living in air-conditioned places to get away from the destructive heat. Almost everyone here wishes they were fair; most of us think people who have an ivory complexion, no matter how ugly they could be, are way more beautiful than the tan ones who have the looks. :|


In the Goth subculture -- let's not deny it -- pale skin is even more coveted, looked up to, and wished for; it builds self-confidence and is thought of as beautiful and usually necessary. The typical Goth wants a mushroom-like, ghastly pallor to beautifully contrast it to the dark clothing he wears. Goths want, no, NEED pale skin.

Tsk. Sighs.


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