Friday, March 29, 2013

Goth: More Than Just Style

My life, bats, is finally starting to fall into place. I found a purpose, a drive, a role, an inspiration, and my goals have become clearer than ever and nearer at the moment. My being ambitious began when I saw the essence of the subculture and the aesthetic that made it a thing of beauty. Indeed, finding solace and identity in this subculture made my life meaningful and worthwhile. I'm very happy to be a Goth; to be fearless, confident, appreciative, and strong; to see the world as more than what it is, to be allergic to the candy-coated light that catches normal people off-guard as it blinds them from the natural existence of pain and sorrow.

My long daily reflections and thoughts on life in the bathroom (LOL) molded me and my way of thinking through the years; it had me thinking deeply and thoroughly about things: how I'm doing, what I'm doing, what I'm going through, and who I'm changing into. All this pondering and mental journeys made me realize how being Goth played a big part in my life; it became a part of me, it became my character. It, therefore, couldn't just be about the flanging guitar effects, repetitive drum beats, and gloomy melodies. There's more to it than rips, fishnets, corsets, and boots. Debatable as this mostly had been, Goth, to me, has become an Art, a lifestyle, and a mindset, for beneath the wild, grievous, desolate lyrics of Goth songs, lies an attempt to reveal the dreadful reality the world has been hiding from the people. Beneath the dominant color and the dresses, vests, and stockings, is an imaginative and reflective mind.

I have known many individuals who already have grandchildren and are still Goth. If Goth is just a fad, a style, or a preference in music, then why did these respectable people GROW OLD WITH IT, not GROW OUT OF IT?

Seeing how affective the subculture has been to me, I proudly conclude that Goth is more than just style! ♥

le me at 16, when I had that v-fringe. O.o

We are all entitled to our own opinions! Just so you bats know, I'm more of a Romantic Goth, meaning I dwell on the sensual, poetic, emotional, and dreamy side of the subculture.. explains why I see Goth as such. :3


  1. I only had my v fringe recently and I super love it >w< you look adorable o w o

    1. I stopped trimming my v-fringe because it didn't look good with my nose O.o HAHAHA thanks though! xD


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