Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Two Unbirthdays


"Only one day of the year was one's birthday," he said. "Therefore, the other 364 days were unbirthdays."

"Why, then today is my unbirthday too!" Alice said.

Yesterday and today were just two of my 364 unbirthdays, so I decided to throw a party and have fun! Hahahaha, kidding, actually, I just moved my birthday celebration during these two days. I couldn't just leave a year without a cake and some ice cream just because of those meddling measles, you know. But I like how "unbirthday" sounds, so whatever these celebrations are for, it's still an unbirthday to me.

Day 1!

I invited some friends over at my place during the afternoon. We cooked spaghetti, ate some chips and ice cream, then had a funny karaoke session. The silent and peaceful neighborhood I lived in was perturbed by our loud laughter and ugly singing voices! xD


My friends AREN'T Goth. But I'm loved. ♥

They went home by five thirty. I went to the city to attend a Christian rock concert I was invited to, after I rode with them in a jeepney to get them home.

I enjoyed the concert! It seemed like I was the only Catholic around in that jam-packed room. This isn't my first time in religious, non-Catholic events though. And I've observed that these non-Catholics are more open-minded and friendlier :|

Oh well, albeit that's kind of undeniable, I'll still remain Catholic, because it's not your religion that saves you, but your relationship with the Supreme Being.

She's my classmate from PE class. She invited me! :3
The holy and fun concert brought me closer to God and reminded me that I'm always loved and infinitely blessed. Thank You God!

Day 2!

The date today is special! I'm glad this day was one of the days I celebrated an unbirthday in because today is... today is...! Today's my crush's birthday! HAHAHAHAHA XD

My eldest brother's girlfriend had long before planned to take me to a salon in SM City Cebu during my birthday to have a facial cleaning together, but since she couldn't make it because she's tired from work and needs some sleep, my brother went with me instead. He didn't like the idea of getting a facial cleaning because he finds it gay so he just paid for me and waited outside. xD

blurry :|
 Inside the facial cleaning room (or whatever it's called), there was this guy costumer next to me who had a hat that interested me so well. It was Portgas D. Ace's hat (Ace is an anime character from One Piece, a series I used to be addicted to when I was in elementary), and I couldn't help but ask where he got it from.


So yeah, our conversation started from that hat. Later, as we talked, I learned he was also a CosPlayer. When he learned that I was a Goth, he told me he was also Goth when he was in college! He's from Marikina, though, not from Cebu. Anways, it's nice meeting someone who used to be a Goth. ^w^

My brother treated me lunch in KFC afterwards. I ordered some carbonara, and it was reeeeally tasty!

YUM! ♥

My brother and I went home by around 6.

At around 7:30, my dad arrived home with a birthday cake, so yeah, I had my birthday dinner just this night. They even sang me a Happy Birthday though it was already almost 2 weeks late. Well, it doesn't matter. It's just great to celebrate your birthday on your crush's birthday. :p

I'm not allowed to dress up all gothy in a birthday celebration :|

THANK YOU GOD for everything!
and in one way or another, for those measles! xD

Now Playing: The Unbirthday Song by Rosemary Clooney xD


  1. gi-post jd ang picture ha? chaka pa jd kaayo ko! hehehe :P

    1. HAHAHAHA chaka ba oy! mao ra mn gihapon imung nawng gud xD :D

  2. Saw this blog on random search for catholic goths. Have you been to the Eternal Death Wake?

    1. Oooooooh glad you found me! Hahahaha sadly no. The EDW is in Manila. I'm from Cebu. :(


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