Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick Or Treat! 2012

Warning: Picture heavy! xD

Happy Halloween everyoooooone~! ♥
I know this is one day late..

OCTOBER 31, 2012

I had prepared well for yesterday but things weren't really as perfect as planned because 1) my "Traumatic Desires" friends were my supposed companions that day but they couldn't go out for certain reasons; 2) I brought the wrong shoes; 3) my anime character's hair swirls at the sides weren't so successful; and 4) I was late.

I was supposed to do the usual trick or treating yesterday, asking for candies and all, but I figured the mall only allowed registered 4-12 year old's to join, so I just spent the whole afternoon leisurely strolling around the mall with a cosplayer friend as we were constantly being chased by parents and their cameras. I also had asked my fifth-degree guy cousin (we're pretty close pals, yeah) to tag along because he's a great photographer (ay'g ka feeler, yot xD).

Me as Blair from Soul Eater. Another check mark in the list.

Me and a 13-year-old CosPlayer I met in the comfort room during  the Japan Festival xD

i like this pic! :3

Here's our photographer for that day: xD My cousin!
We used to hang out or go out a lot, but when we learned we were cousins, things started to get weird and awkward.. Oh well! We became closer, anyway, which is great xD HAHAHA
(i say what i wanna say here, cuz'n :p this is my blog after all xD)

Strolling, walking, posing, smiling... =w=

HAHAHA cute one! xD

look at all these pumpkins! ♥


The IRON MAN guy! xD

Although the afternoon consisted of 90% walking, it was still awesome. :'3
How bout you guys? How's All Hallow's Eve? ^w^

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