Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goths Tend To Get Bullied

Don't be so sad. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. You're not alone.

I mean, frankly speaking, who wouldn't bully weird, crazy, or scary-looking people? Remember, when we choose to be courageous in expressing ourselves by being different, we stand out and get a lot of attention. And when we DO get a lot of attention, those who notice us are gonna give a reaction or two whether we like it or not. The IDIOTS among them who require heaps of enlightenment, maturity, and wisdom tend to react undesirable towards us; and these stupid people specifically, are whom we call BULLIES.

Their reasons behind the insults range from jealousy, envy, ego, delusions, to just plain boredom. But whatever pushes these brats to disturb our peace, one thing's for sure, THEY'RE ANNOYING.

In my case, I guess the bullies were just bored and delusional, PLUS over reacting. Most bitches from my school tend to make anything that they think is unusual a big deal or gossip; anything unusual like unusual socks, unusual hairstyles of kindergarten kids, unusual bags, unusual accessories, unusual posture, unusual manner of walking, or unusual voice. They would whisper among themselves, laugh about it, and throw looks at their subject. Sadly, these fools don't see anything bad about what they're doing, because they find enjoyment in their mockery, and achieve higher self-esteem every time they shrink other people down.

Oh, how many times have I been confronted by an upperclassman just to get questioned and insulted for my strangeness? How many times have I heard them make fun of me or talk about me as I walk by? How many times have they "praised" me as they laugh their hearts out because they were actually just being sarcastic? Terrible experiences indeed, caused by terribly deranged simpletons, in the span of around 3 terrible years. I felt miserable everyday, and eternally lonely as I sat with them in the same rooms, knowing that not even one of my batchmates around would willingly defend me. Sitting, I would weep all of a sudden for no seemingly calculable reason, and they would spitefully ask me what was wrong. I would just shrug or shake my head and keep quiet and go on crying. And yes for more than 3 years, I never fought back.

However, I can really say by now that I'm pretty lucky because I haven't ever tried getting spat on or physically taken advantage of. It totally sounds sad hearing the experiences of our fellow troubled Gothlings on the internet.

Worse cases like hate crimes are even sadder.

Ah, how melancholic indeed!

So I came up with sane tips for my fellow oppressed brothers and sisters out there, on what to do with these villainous demons, and how to be strong as we stand firm in being ourselves. Tell me if they worked or if they didn't.

ONE - Tell anyone: teachers, the principal, your parents, the guidance counselor, your friends, your siblings... anyone.

You can tell your troubles to them with matching sobs and tears just to let them know that you are REALLY offended and disturbed. All it takes is excessive and serious acting (I'm good at this) to carry them away with your emotions, so probably afterwards, they're gonna do something about it for you.

TWO - Fight back: raise your eyebrow hatefully, shout at them, threaten them, give them a witty reply, or also laugh at them if you can.


Most people say that the best thing to do with these shitheads is to ignore them, which is EXACTLY what I did while I was bullied, and right now, I'm regretting why I didn't even try fighting back. I realized that I SHOULD HAVE fought back. I feel defeated, cowardly, and weak. I hear from some friends that they still continue talking shit and spreading rumors about me even though we've moved to different schools already. Yes, I IGNORED THEM, but because of that, they even loved bullying me more because they know that I WON'T fight back anyway. See?

In this violent world we are in right now, being nice ALL THE TIME isn't gonna help you, honey. I'm sorry but if you won't fight back or defend yourself, you're the loser. You gotta show them that you're strong, or better yet, STRONGER because if you try getting the best of them even once, they're gonna have to think twice before they bully you next time.

THREE - Do NOT act weird just because you think Goths "have to be" quiet, old-fashioned, or scary. D:


NOOOOOOO, don't act like an idiot! Okay okay, I understand that if you're still new to all this Goth thing, you're gonna think that acting sinister, "deadly", mysterious, or odd would make you more "goth", but duh, NO. Lighten up, smile, be friendly and approachable, laugh to your heart's content, talk, be funny, make people like you! If one of them is gonna hiss this usual, ignorant question in your face: "Are you really Goth? Goths don't smile, and they aren't as friendly. Goths are usually quiet.", then why, amusingly tell them, "You COMPLETELY don't know what you're talking about!"

When I moved to this university to enter college, I started going with outspoken and loud gays, I shout with them for fun, I'm a renowned joker in class now, I model-pose to greet my gay and girl friends, and I try to be respected at all costs by doing well in academics! Sound like a good idea yet?

Being as happy or cheerful as this doesn't "subtract" any "Goth points", silly! xD

FOUR - Show them what you're good at.


Join poster making contests or poetry writing competitions, dance in a school program (!), act in the theatre, flaunt your skill in public speaking, play the instrument you're good at, or snag A's in exams! If they still walk up to you to criticize you because they got jealous, well! Read # 2 of this guide again!

FIVE - Be beautiful.


Just to let you know, Goth isn't about being "scary". Goth, aside from being a category in music and fashion, is also an aesthetic. It's about art and beauty in a dark manner. Show these ignorant people in school how dreamy and beautiful a Goth is by incorporating the usual trends in beauty these days with your everyday look, and arming yourself with unquestionable poise and wit. Besides, you may get uncontrollably wild and uber goth at the local goth club when the weekend comes.

Hope some, if not all, of these works! :/ Remember Gothlings, I'm rooting and praying for all of you out there, because I've been there and didn't come out so happy in the end, so I want YOU to be strong and successful in keeping the bullies away instead. Oh and here's one last great, inspirational tip to keep you going:

SIX - Do your very best to become successful in the future.


Now this is the only thing I've been holding on to during those years of being bullied unstoppably. I kept dreaming and imagining about my future: "I'm gonna be famous someday.. I'll write songs about bullying and I'll join the Anti-bullying campaign... During our class reunion in 20 years, I'll bring a limousine and two bodyguards with me, and I'll get out of the party early because I 'still have a concert'. But during the reunion I won't forget to ask my bullies sarcastically how life has been, while I smile like a winner."  Yeah! Stupid fantasies like those will surely push you to strive hard for your goals! It's gonna be like REVENGE in the form of SUCCESS. :p

Good luck and God bless, dears! :*


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you had to walk through thorny paths.
    And I totally agree! Being goth is a trade-off with "spookiness" and being the laughingstock of the school.
    But in the end, revenge is sweet, indeed.

  2. i know, right? :3
    how bout you? do have bullies too? :/

  3. I had tons of bullies in high school. Ah, those bilge rats. Listing what they did to me will take too much time. Now as a college student, I just try to ditch the past and focus on the present and the future.

  4. awwww :/
    mind sharing how they bullied you then?
    and yeah, same here. now that my life's all better, i make it a point to be happy all the time and forget what happened.

  5. At first, people stuck rude notes on my backpack when the teacher wasn't looking. That was fine. Until the situation became verbally abusive...

    Oh well. We can't do anything about hate. As long as there's a wall of ignorance, it'll take so long to break it down like the Berlin wall.

  6. awwww :( did you do anything to defend yourself then?

  7. I let the bullies have fun with their games while I discussed the problem with the school principal.

  8. This is so sad, I have been harassed since elementary. 'Course I used to defend myself because I was popular but it all changed once I transferred to a new school. Middle school got worse. I hate high school but at least I can say there's others like me >_>


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