Sunday, November 11, 2012

Painting Post: "The Mystery Above The Lovely Hill"

I have a professional visual artist for an aunt. She paints or sketches on huge canvas usually displayed -- though the work was still unfinished -- in their living room or upstairs.

Her paintings can already be seen on postcards, galleries, or just framed on the walls of their house. She wasn't an inspiration, nohow, for I already started painting abstractly and sketching cartoons since I was three, and went on through the years. Nevertheless, she offered me lessons one summer, and I stayed with her for half a day in each session. I admit, I did not learn much, but yes, I improved, and I began to study her unfinished paintings when she was not around. She usually posts photographs on a corner of the canvas for references for her work, then she would just mix up all the bits she desires from each posted photograph to her very own masterpiece. Her works were mostly realistic, and each hid a meaning underneath.

I do not dream of becoming who she is right now though, I just wish I can be as good as her. Thus, aside from poems made by yours truly, I always have planned to post some of my artworks: be they paintings, sketches, doodles, portraits, or crafts. ^w^

However, don't expect much, as I am still a budding wannabe artist as of the moment, and I haven't really made time for visual arts because of school, literature, fashion, and music, although it was the first ability I had discovered in my whole life. ♥

Now, I did this with pastels of different brands, and I had too much of Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Shelley during the time I did this. :D It's not so breathtaking, but I say it's worth the try. :3

"The Mystery Above The Lovely Hill"

The hill was dotted with everything beyond everybody's definition of beauty: tulips bob their pink heads as the beautiful spring breeze walk them by, and the wide array of crocuses dance along to the silent song of a large, enchanting butterfly. Families of purple, blue, and indigo help in the impression of a viewer with glee. The flowers grow in line with their kind: a picturesque beauty offered by the hill with pride. However, behind their smiles and magical qualities, lie terror and fear for a distraction that had lived long before they even bore their petals: something sinister, very disturbing; and for some particular reasons, the whole gray structure remained unperturbed.

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