Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beating The Blues

One thing I'm quite sure of: I've been constantly battling off sadness since I was eight.

I had already attempted to run away then, and that was even before I experienced puberty. I developed inferiority complex months later. I had attempted suicide when I was ten, planned to take drugs when I was twelve, became apathetic and masochistic when I was fourteen.

But when I turned sixteen, I realized I was meant to do great things, so I decided to stop giving in to or LOVING (since I used to be a masochist) depression to turn the tables. I started making my oppressors my inspiration and motivation for success.

Everyone sure goes through a lot of unwanted frequent tragedies, so I thought it would be generous of me to share to you guys how this Goth beats them off.

ONE - Write.


Poetry is my usual reflexive response when I feel extremely melancholic. I write lyrics, attempt odes and elegies, plan to try dirges, and plan out novels. Hmmm, planning out novels is actually a good idea. It's nice to turn yourself into a peasant, a princess, a son/daughter of a high class family, a scientist, a vampire, or a benevolent witch. Make an imaginary world out of your life and your pen. In some of my poems, I have already turned myself into a doll, a murderer, a ghost, and a lot more random things.

Good quote to remember from His Highness Edgar Allan Poe:
Works with obvious meanings cease to be art.

Okay, maybe it's not that agreeable to some, but for me, it makes a lot of sense and improvement. Poetry as I see it is deep and magical. I think one can express emotions (if this is your purpose) better if you contrast or liken them to the gloomy clouds, dried-up flowers, desolate streets, or violent thunders. It's "poetic" when it's more on that reading-between-the-lines concept, the figurative language, the better-understood-when-read-twice phenomenon -- WAIT, I'm starting to rant too much about this. Haha, I guess I should make a separate post about this then! xD
So to cut this short... If you're not into writing, well, read on.

TWO - Read.

This is related to writing :p
Similarly, reading takes you to fictional worlds. It brings you somewhere; it's a cheat sheet: you learn from a fictional character's experiences and shortcomings. It's learning from experiences that aren't  even your own, thus you won't get hurt in the process xD Reading makes you a better person. Aside from that, reading is a wise choice of escaping; it is a safe vice.

Try reading GOTHIC FICTION! I'm sooooo in love with this genre. Despite the gloomy and morbid atmosphere that surrounds the characters and the story itself, it still brings pleasure, excitement, and joy. I don't know why either, but though I'm already depressed, reading depressing stories strangely makes me LESS depressed. O.o

Also try dark humor, satire, horror, or psychological genres. They are bound to change your way of thinking and viewing of the world. xD

THREE - Paint/draw it.

I used to paint my feelings or draw macabre scenes to release my sadness. Thinking of painting as an escape makes you understand the existence and beauty of abstract art. :3

Umm, right now though, I kinda took a break from painting since I became more focused on music and writing. But I DO miss it, and I would LOVE to indulge myself in it again soon.

But then again, if you can't paint or draw, read on.

FOUR - Make silly Voodoo dolls.

I've made A LOT of "voodoo" dolls (but I don't voodoo, OY!) and I PRETEND to voodoo people who offended me. I guess this is more about anger than sadness then. xD But making cute things like these DO make you busy, so it kind of displaces the bad emotions for a while. I'll post tutorials soon, I PROMISE!

FIVE - Fill your head with good stuff.

The internet is a big home to all your interests! Search pictures, read good articles, watch movies, get inspired, and indulge in a hobby to avoid slacking off and thinking about stinky stuff that ends your life.

SIX - Hang out with your friends.

 ... definitely the best and most effective way. Consider this: I leave home a depressed girl, but I go back home happy. That's how lovely my friends are. When I'm with them, I tend to laugh out a lot and do things I can't do at home. They're the silliest in the world.

And one thing that makes me absolutely love them: they ACCEPT me and APPRECIATE me. So yes, you totally have to go out with your buddies when you're feeling bad. They'll make you puke out that depression and make you go high with irreplaceable happiness.
Advice: The more, the merrier.

SEVEN - Cry it out to someone.

Find someone you trust and let it all out. Yeah, it's no use bottling it up. Why you shouldn't do this by yourself? Well, because you're prone to strange, deadly ideas when there's no one around.

EIGHT - Watch comedies!

 No better therapy! Laugh like there's no tomorrow and see the difference by then. :'D

NINE - Music music music

Be surprised by the magic of artists singing about how you EXACTLY think and feel. Emilie Autumn is good at this. O.o'♥

TEN - Go out, meet the SUN. (X_X)

In his book "The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program To Beat Depression Without Drugs", author Stephen Ilardi says, "A deeper link exists between light exposure and depression–one involving the body’s internal clock. The brain gauges the amount of light you get each day, and it uses that information to reset your body clock. Without light exposure, the body clock eventually gets out of sync, and when that happens, it throws off important circadian rhythms that regulate energy, sleep, appetite, and hormone levels. The disruption of these important biological rhythms can, in turn, trigger clinical depression."

So yeah. For once in your life, befriend the sun again :'3

ELEVEN - Play.

Yes. Play a game in the PC, in your backyard, or with your pet!

LASTLY - Pray.

No one understands you better than the Writer of your life story.

- - - - - -- -  -- - - -  - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - -

Sighs. Just to let you know dears, I'm depressed as of the moment, which is why I wrote this. I guess I'm just good at being the one GIVING advices.

- - - - - -- -  -- - - -  - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - -

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