Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interesting Blogs I Just Spotted!

Yes, yes, I've recently followed dozens of blogs this month, all of which were inspiring, creative, Gothy, and just plain awesome.

Since I've already posted the links of some of my faves in my previous posts, I'm gonna introduce you a few ones I haven't mentioned yet. :3

all things Halloween, all year round.

a personal blog by a lovely Goth girl.

Halloween-and-witchcraft-inspired creativity.

all things Gothy from a Goth girl.

a gorgeous modern vampire-like girl.

she speaks another language, but I could always view her pictures xD

gothic lolita fashion, lifestyle, and dark romanticism goodness.

good books given good reviews.

morbidly beautiful creations + really good BG music

Have I sparked thy interests? :3
Go ahead and check them out! ^w^

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