Thursday, November 14, 2013

Writer's block: a recurring disease

I've been a very bad blogger.
I would suddenly stop writing for about 3 weeks or 3 months and turn this blog into some personal journal after the absence. Many of my friends have been asking me if I've posted anything new recently, and some readers have been looking forward to promised posts. God, I sincerely apologize.

Writing seems to be quite a different art -- to me it requires massive amounts of inspiration and motivation to keep you going; I need to be in the right frame of mind, the right mood, and the freedom from any distractions and pressure whatsoever, the burning enthusiasm, the vivid and breathing creativity. Unfortunately during the past months, I haven't read anything that boosts my creativity levels, and my time's all spent on a boyfriend who demands my constant communication. Sighs.

Novels and poems are oftentimes the most helpful factors that inspire me to write. My imagination tends to get brighter when I read a darker variety of literature -- the contrast itself is entertaining and motivating that it fills my head, pulsates increasingly every passing minute, and might burst out any moment if not released from a pen. Miserably, I have not seen any book worth buying and drawing inspiration from, nor have I spare bills to spend these months because of my annoyingly growing appetite, and a relationship that needs to be frequently fed.

Nevertheless here I am once again, risen from my mind's debris brought about by the unexpected magnitude 7 earthquake and the strongest typhoon in history (living in the Visayas region suddenly became exciting). Although my Halloween hangover is still a bit disturbing, the praises, mails, and comments this blog has earned have been quite alarming, just enough to substitute the amount of inspiration I'd get from a dark novel. ♥

Oh God. Earthquakes and typhoons. Please, It's Not Fun in the Philippines anymore. Stop coming.

I might post late posts about Halloween and past events (I'll edit the dates) along with the same old posts I used to write in this blog. :3


  1. okay, so this might not related to the post.. but I ENVY YOUR EYEBROWS.. GAAAAAAH THEY'RE SO FINE!

  2. Hey, don't blame yourself like that. Everyone has things in their lives that keep them away from blogging for a while... well, at least in my case. You get the idea. :) Just chillax, and come back when you feel like it!

  3. Minxie, how are you? How is your family? The fucking earthquake and typhoon are very scary :( i saw the disasters from tv news. Looking forward to your new post. Hope you're safe now.

  4. I can so relate to you. I hate it when I have artist block.

  5. glad to have you back to writing! :D


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