Friday, October 5, 2012

Eternal Death Wake

Okay so, Goths from Luzon Philippines are going pretty high and excited nowadays.
The Eternal Death Wake, the Philippines' one and only huge annual Gothic Festival is fast approaching!


Eternal Death Wake, the first longest-running Gothic gathering in the Philippines will happen this October 31 in B-SIDE (The Collective), Makati City. The non-profit, music-related organization and the first roving Goth club in Manila, Subkulture, organizes this event.

So, what happens during the Eternal Death Wake, exactly?

Well, there'll be great music done by our very own Goth DJs.


Local and foreign Goth bands were invited to come play live.



Goths from the Philippines and sometimes, from other countries, gather up and socializzzzze!


AND A WHOLE LOT MORE of fun stuff to do over there!
You guys see how great this is??!?!?!

During that day, I'll be... I'll be.. I'll
be at home fantasizing. :(
I'm from Cebu and I can't come because I don't have the money to sail all the way there. Tssss.
Oh well, pictures from the event will be just fine for me, then. Sighs.

Anyway, have fun Goth dears! Hope it's a good one! :*

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