Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Restriction Among Goths?


Hi, this seems to be my first post about music, and this category seems to be the most debatable topic amongst us in the subculture.

Uhh, you guys ever observed how some Goths who feel they're "elite" just tell the others off easily, saying that they're poseurs or wannabe's because they listen to the "wrong" music? 

Take the Gothic Metal genre for example. The deathrockers among us would roll their eyes upon this and give off a sarcastic remark or two. The Gothic metal enthusiasts would then try listening to Gothic rock, but couldn't seem to get it though how they try.
On the other hand, those who listen to the post-punk genre would claim that they listen to the "right" music and that this is what everyone should be listening to.
Some deathrockers would also gag at darkwave.

Oh people, what's wrong? DX

Goth Problem #7 from the Gothic Culture page in Facebook

YES, I DO respect the typical Goth rocker's opinion. The bands Bauhaus and Joy Division (etc etc) definitely started it all, thus their musical genre could possibly be the "right" genres we should listen to since because of their music, the subculture was born. I, for one, am an avid listener of gothic rock. In fact, it's the MAIN GENRE LISTEN to. But I admit, I had listened to a lot of Gothic metal before, and still listen to some even until now. Apart from that, I also listen to darkwave, dark cabaret, deathrock, symphonic and progressive metal, industrial, Celtic, and ethereal wave; I even listen to pop punk, classical music, and hardcore, and choose hip-hop when I dance (dude, I love dancing hip-hop! *A*)! But who cares? Didn't we always say that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT?

I say it's not bad to listen to bands that aren't classified as Goth even if you are Goth, JUST AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T THE MAIN BANDS YOU LISTEN TO. If you like New Found Glory, Panic! At The Disco, or Epica, who's stopping you? Wouldn't it be like pretending or faking it if you force yourself to listen to bands that aren't to your liking? Isn't being Goth about being yourself?

The music genres that the subculture covers now are starting to become very diverse. It would be but CLOSE-MINDED to stop the subculture from growing.

Remember, Gothlings, THERE ARE NO RULES, mainly because this is only a subculture, not some organization or whatnot.

It is truly sad seeing Goths telling Goths off. :<

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P.S. : What would really be wrong is calling extremely non-Goth bands as Goth. I mean, puh-lease, check the genres of that particular band or artist and see if they're even Goth at all. :| It would be quite acceptable if a Gothic metal fan calls Nightwish as Goth because it's "GOTHIC" metal in the first place. 

But Marilyn Manson?

Well, if you like listening to his music, then fine, go on, JUST DON'T CALL HIM GOTH. :3 He's not. Nor is his music. *facepalm* But yes, I admit, his fashion truly is captivating. ^w^

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Currently listening to Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls. ♥


  1. I can`t agree more with you, in everything. Aaaand, Coin operating boy is such a joyful song

  2. hahahaha thanks, i used to be kinda bothered about the music part in the subculture, that's why.
    yesssss, i love it! it's got this really catchy tune that i wanna make a cover of soon! :3


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