Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: "Darkly Semi-Corporate"

I know first times are gonna be ugly, embarrassing, and awkward..
But I'd give this a go anyway.

Yes, I am bow-legged. PROBLEM? -_-
and look at my Asian nose! hahaha it looks funny xD

This was what I wore to the salon and to the church! :3
Not so Goth, yes, but let me explain:
Past awful experiences taught me to tone it down, keep it casual and light, but make it dark, in a totally hot country that's filled with non-Goth people like the Philippines.

"Darkly Semi-Corporate" because I tend to regularly observe my older sister's styles when she goes to work, and I make darker versions of them. :D And yes, if I had a job, I'll wear this to work! :p

By the way, the quality is terrible because I had these pictures taken at NIGHT by an OLD, UNUSED camera. D':

Dress + Coat + Leggings + Belt + Doll Shoes

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