Thursday, October 4, 2012

Of Late Blog Post Excuses, Blog Plans & Blog Deaths


Yeah, I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, yet I could say that I'm now getting more interested and inspired! I've been viewing and awful lot of blogs lately, and from them, I realized that there's totally a lot of interesting stuff to post about, lurking or hiding sometimes in the dark because at times, one tends to run out of ideas..

All this viewing and reading blogs have led me to indulge in excessive daydreaming and planning about next posts (I swear they'll be interesting) even while I'm in school, in the bathroom, or in bed. Yes, my head is already filled with a lot of blog post ideas to the brim, BUT.

Tut, tut, I'm not finished--

Yeah, I can't post much. Now why?
Here are my excuses as of now..
  • I don't own a laptop, a netbook, or a really advanced phone. We only have this family PC, and I'm not the only one who uses this.
  • I got a lot of homework to attend to!
  • The whole week next week is FINALS week! Yes, final exams for this semester, and I NEED good grades.

So yeah, I'm sorry. But I promise that soon, there' ll be:
  • Tutorials
  • Outfit Posts
  • Song covers
  • Paintings (done by me)
  • Great Shopping finds
  • Lists
  • Literary compositions
  • Book or Movie reviews
And a whole lot moooore in the days to come! :D

Okay so, apart from all those, I've also noticed something. I've mentioned that I've been viewing and reading a lot of blogs nowadays, right? Now there's something made me kind of sad as I went through great Goth blogs of 2007, or 2008, or 9.. Yep, you got it right, Blog Deaths, or the ceasing to update a blog because one simply "grew up" from it. There are already several closed blogs -- NO, I like calling them DEAD Blogs -- out there, making me go like, how sad, they've gone that far, and/or what a waste of effort. :(

So I'm kind of hoping that I will, as much as possible, never give up from blogging!
I hope this enthusiasm lasts forever. :D

Allow me, to post a picture of myself, because I'm bored. :3

Don't mind that annoying date stamp x(

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