Saturday, October 13, 2012

Final Exams Are Over! XD

Glad to be back!

I couldn't post earlier because I was too busy having fun and I arrived at 10 PM yesterday. :D But anyways!  The week was kind of great for certain reasons..

ONE - Good grades!

TWO - Our hamster survived from Wet Tail! Miracle.. O.O


THREE - Great blogs:

                                                            Stripy Tights And Dark Delights

FOUR - Hung out with some of my old friends :'3

uhhmmm, except for that guy in the middle. dunno where the f*ck he's at, nor do i care :D

FIVE - I'm gonna get my hair done by tomorrow!

hair rebond! :3

The first semester is finally over. It was fun and memorable (I'm planning to write posts soon, about how college went for this goth so far) and it taught me how college works. I'm pretty excited for the next semester too. My study load is gonna get filled with awesome Literature major subjects! PLUS, I'll be meeting new classmates by then. ^w^

Thank You, God, for everything! :3

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