Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home Radio 106.7 3rd CosPlay

Sorry if I posted this sooooooooo effin late! The pictures were uploaded by my friend after around one and a half months.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

This was supposed to be an awesome pre-birthday celebration, but I guess it didn't turn out to be one, because 1) I only had one friend who came along; 2) my sister and I don't own a camera; 3) I invited my crush but he didn't come over; and 4) I was feeling feverish because of the onset of those measles! :((

But what's important is 1) I was able to CosPlay as Alice, which means another check mark in my CosPlay checklist; 2) I was able to attend that event; 3) my crush's look-alike instead was there and we played guitar;  and 4) We still had pictures for that event (taken by my friend's phone).

me and my sister

my sister, my friend, and me.

Yes, I know, I don't have a whole body picture of my whole outfit. :/ My friend was the one taking pictures, but sadly, she was told to go home early. That's why she was only able to take around 17 pictures that day.

me and my crush's look-alike! i first met this guy during the Japan Festival.
And we met again during that event! I approached him, tilted my head to one side, and stared. I wasn't sure if it was really him since his hairstyle changed. But then he suddenly said, "Yeah, we met before. Hi again!" GAAAAAAH ♥ x">

Despite all the sadness I felt that day, I still chose to see the bright side of everything. The next day was my birthday, so I knew that I shouldn't let the gloominess get the best of me. I can't just let bad luck bring me down because I firmly believe that I'm too strong to let it.

Stay positive, everyone! :3 ♥

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