Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Hair Just Got Rebonded. HURRAY.

(I said so in one of my recent posts :3 )

Whilst the lucky-haired ladies keep saying that rebonding is damaging and expensive, the thick, frizzy-haired damsels have been saving up for it and looking forward to this big step for a beautiful change in their appearance. Hair Rebonding is the usual hair trend today among women here in the Philippines, as it undeniably makes a girl look neater, pleasant-looking, and sometimes, even prettier. I, for one, am thankful that there is already hair rebonding in salons and parlors because yes, I'm one of those thick, frizzy-haired damsels. I admit -- or confess -- that I started to look better after I had my hair rebonded.

This isn't my first time though! I had my first hair rebonding experience when I was 15, and had been having my hair rebonded yearly since. So this is like, my third time.

Thanks to Pretty 'N Fab Salon! :* ♥

For today's outfit, check Outfit of The Day: "Darkly Semi-Corporate" ;)

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